Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July...part 1

So we decided this year to take our July 4th trip to Atlanta. David's parents live there and they have an amazing July 4th celebration in Marietta (the city they actually live in). We loaded up David's car on Friday as mine is STILL being repaired from when David wrecked it by backing out of the garage without paying attention. It's been in the shop for over 2 weeks now and Lord only knows when I will get it back but I am praying it's this week as I am tired of driving a small car when I have grown accustomed to having room in my SUV. And that sounds pretty pathetic given the fact that many many people have no food or shelter much less a second vehicle. Geesh...forgive me.
Anyways, back on topic. We loaded up the car and set out around 2:00. At 4:00 we noticed the car started riding funny so David pulled over and checked the tires. Uhhh, right rear tire shredded and left rear tire punctured. So here we are on the side of Interstate 24 on a holiday weekend with massive traffic flying by us. There are no mile marker signs around, our cell signals are in and out, and we do not have roadside assistance or a spare tire. Furthurmore, the tires on David's car are a specialty tire so very few places keep them in stock (except the BMW dealers), and it's a holiday weekend!!! Also, by the time we could get there, most places would be closed. GRRR!!! Anyways, after calling our amazing insurance company (USAA), we were able to get a tow truck out to us by about 5:30 and they took us about 30 minutes back on the interstate to Murfreesboro where we were truly blessed! Firestone had 2 tires in stock like we needed, but they could not work on our car until the next morning. BUT... there was a Hampton Inn right beside the Firestone so we just got a few things out of the car and walked right over. We are Hilton Honors members so we always stay in Hampton or Hiltons anyways. AND...we got the VERY LAST ROOM they had! Thank you Jesus!!!
By 9:30 the next morning, we were back in our car and on our Atlanta. We made it safely and spent the next 4 days there enjoying our family.

And the drama begins...

Hazard lights turned on and left on for 1.5 hours. LOOOONG time to 
wait with 2 kids in the car.

Look at this SWEET boy of mine enjoying his night in the hotel.

Part 2 comes tomorrow... stay tuned.

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Oh my goodness Kelly! What an eventful'll never forget that one! Can't wait to hear more!