Monday, July 18, 2011

34...and loving it!

On Saturday I turned 34 years old. Now I know some people think it's odd for a gal to share her real age, but this gal LOVES birthdays...especially since I wasn't sure 2 years ago that I would have any more. This was the first year since 2008 that I have had a super healthy birthday! And it felt great.
I started the morning with a 5.6 mile run through a beautiful big neighborhood right down the road. I was going for a full on 10K but was short by about 1/2 mile. It felt good though to get back on the road since I have been "taking it easy" for a week now due to full on shin-splints/possible stress fractures. After the run, I came home and was greeted by my two kids with screams of "mommy, mommy, mommy's home. Happy birthday mommy!" It was awesome, and then my hubs took them out to pick up a few things while I iced my shins and chilled on the couch. By the time they got home, I was off the couch and showering up for the day. When I came out of the room, they had set up a Tangled Party for me. Chloe had wanted to give me a princess party so she picked all of the decorations out. I must say it was super cute and fun. We enjoyed cake from the Looking Glass which was amazing, and then we all settled in for a nap. Can you believe how awesome this day was so far?
After naps, the babysitter came and David took me to the outdoor shooting range in Southside, TN. Yes, I wanted to go there for my birthday! We have handguns so I wanted to learn how to shoot them in case I ever need to defend myself. I had never shot a gun before (other than in my police class which was only 18 rounds) so I was quite surprised when the range master told me I was a really good shot. The first bullet fired hit right in the center bullseye! He helped me with my form and gave me lots of tips (he was a sniper in the army for 30 years), and then I finished up my time at the range with an amazing looking target for a first time shooter.
Next we headed over to the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Clarksville. This is mine and David's favorite restaurant for lots of reasons...and from here on out it will be referred to as BW3 (no one here seems to know that is what it is really called). First, we had our first "hangout" at BW3 when we were first getting to know each other and we were too shy to call it a first date. HA! Second, with the exception of when I was on call at the hospital in Columbus, OH, we spent EVERY single Saturday at BW3 watching TN football because we didn't have the football package on our TV at home. And then during basketball season we went with our friends to watch my Tarheels play Duke every time they played. The BW3 has lots and lots of amazing memories for Team Blevins...pre-kids. HA!
After that, it was time to come home. All in all...the perfect birthday. I cannot wait to see what God has planned for this next year for me!

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