Sunday, June 5, 2011

We're Goin To The Zoo Zoo Zoo

A few weekends ago, on the spur of the moment took the kids to Nashville on a Friday night to stay in a hotel, swim and go to the zoo the next day. It was random. It was totally unplanned. And it was perfect. After getting to the hotel, we quickly got on bathing suits and hit the pool. The kids are like little fish. They both LOVE to swim and be in water. So they swam, jumped in and out, splashed, and played for about 2 hours before we made them get out.
After that, we made our way back to our room, settled in for bed and prepared for the next day. It wasn't quite that easy though. We had to get both kids to fall asleep with all of us in the same room, but eventually everyone slept and all was good.
Saturday morning, we enjoyed a quick breakfast at the hotel and then packed up and headed to the zoo. The weather was perfect, the crowds were few, and the kids were so tired that they whined most of the time we were there. So, after seeing everything except the elephants and giraffes (yes, those are my favorite things), we decided to just get out of there knowing that I would take them back again soon anyways.
Don't get me wrong. We had a good time, we were just tired and ready to get back home. Upon arriving back in Clarksville, the whole family took a much needed nap in our own beds and woke up refreshed and ready to play outside.

Getting ready to go

Brody has started walking with at least one hand in his pockets. So funny.

David and kids in the tunnel to get an up-close of the meercats. Brody LOVED these!

I cannot believe that prissy pants who is scared of a fly would pet a goat!

And Brody had to chase the goat down to get a "pet" in.

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