Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring Soccer - Over...Now What?

For the past 9 Saturdays, we have been on the soccer field watching Chloe play her new found "favorite" sport. I put the word favorite in quotes because everything the child does is her "favorite thing ever!!!" I do have to admit though she has a natural talent and can dribble a soccer ball like no other 4 year old I know. She is a great defender and gets right on in the action when needed.
It was a fantastic season! All of the little girls did great as did the Coach...David! There was one little girl, Alyssa, who would always run up to David when she first got to practice or the game and yell "Coach, Coach!!!" Adorable. Anyways, if you have never seen 4 year olds play soccer, it's a must-do in life. It's funny, tense, cute, etc... Chloe ended up scoring 2 real goals this season, and 2 non-counted goals. The 2 non-counted goals were when she was so into the action that she continued to dribble the ball into the goal after the whistle was blown and all the other girls had stopped running. We never told her they didn't count because we could NOT break her little spirit. I cheered just like I did when her real goals were scored :)
And as for being a sideline parent. I was definitly a sideline parent. I got irritated when the "big" girl on the other team would stiff arm our little girls or push them and it not get called by the ref. I yelled "Go Little Ponies" and "Great job (insert name here)" more than you could imagine. I guess I really am a soccer mom.

However, it's over now. Our Saturdays are back to normal. Now what?!? I guess we wait until Fall Soccer and then go with the craziness all over again. I can't wait!

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