Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've Got A Reader... Sort Of

Chloe has been asking me for about a month now to teach her to read. She has known all her letters, upper and lowercase for a few years and the sounds that they make. She can write all of her letters and can spell about 6-8 words by memory. So, since she has been asking and really showing interest in learning to read, I went and got the BOB set of beginner reader books (I think they are by Scholastic). It's a really great set to start out with. She has completed the first 2 books out of 8. We are taking it slow as I want her to retain, but she asks me every night if we can do "homework" together.
I also have some workbooks that she enjoys doing. They are by BrainQuest and they cover all of the subjects taught in school from math and reading to science and shapes/colors. I LOVE this company!
And finally, as part of "homework" she gets to play on the computer. She has learned how to maneuver the mouse on my laptop and how to work David's iPad so we let her on and usually go to either www.ezschool.com, www.starfall.com, or www.abcmouse.com. Those are fun learning websites and then of course she loves www.nickjr.com.
I think Chloe has inherited my love for learning and I couldn't be more thrilled that she has displayed such an interest in this. I'm trying to find the balance though between letting her do as she wants in regards to "homework" and making her just be a kid because once she starts school she won't have a choice. Geesh, glad her birthday is a late one and we have an extra year before school.