Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bible School and Working for a Livin'

I will start out with the Bible School portion of the post. Chloe was old enough this year to attend most church Bible School programs. She is signed up for 2 and has just completed her first one. Last Thursday night she had her graduation ceremony where her class got up in front of the other kids (700 others) and the parents and sang the 2 main songs that they learned...and the sign language to go with the song. Super cute!
Chloe has definitly sealed the deal that she was born to be center of attention. You see, all the kids were seated prior to the show starting while other families filed in. About 5 minutes before start time, Chloe had to go potty so I ran her there and ran her back, but by the time we got back, another little girl in her class had shown up and taken Chloe's place on the stage. Eeeeek! NOT GOOD. Chloe kinda lightly pushed her over (which the poor child couldn't move because it was sooooo crowded), but when the girl wouldn't move over, Chloe just sat on her lap. Eeeeeek again! After that, the sweet little girl found room to slide over and all was well. Chloe had her place on the stage and was ready to perform her little heart out. And that she did. And you know what she asked when she was done? "Mommy, I will probably never get to go be on stage again. I loooove being on stage mommy." I reassured the sweet drama queen that she would probably be on stage again at her next bible school in 2 weeks. Whew.

Strike a pose

Waiting for the program to start.

During the program she was peering over to make sure we were watching only her.

Now, on the working for a liven'. We have been saying for a year now that we were going to put Chloe to work in David's store this summer passing out mints and purell hand wipes. We want her to learn the Chick-fil-A culture because it is quite an amazing one, and honestly, she will work there probably until she leaves for college so the sooner she gets used to the environment, the better. So, Thursday was her first day to report for work. Brody got wind of it and decided he wanted to start working also. So I got him all dressed up in his little Chick-fil-A attire and gave him his "Brody" bucket stuffed with purell wipes. We headed to pick up Chloe from Bible School, changed her into her work attire and gave her the "Chloe" bucket stuffed with mints. And then their 1 hour shift began...from 12:30-1:30. Now, this is a super busy time in our store so next time I may choose a slower time, but the kids had fun, the customers loved it, and they saw how long they have to work to get even a little bit of earnings (they were paid with pez candy). Chloe and Brody both told me they were tired after working. Hahaha! I may send them to work every morning with their daddy and go pick them up around nap time.
Anyways, I got a pic of Brody before his shift started and then I forgot my camera and couldn't get one of Chloe. Enjoy the Brody-man though! He just makes me smile and laugh so much.

"Ex-coo me... here is a hand wipe. 
It's my pweasure"

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