Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Time

Well, Parents Day Out is over and summer is here. Here is what I have planned for the kids this summer. The goal is to keep them busy because the first thing both of them ask each morning is "mommy, where are we going today?" So here is the run-down:
May 16th - every Monday for 6 weeks - both kids have swim lessons at the YMCA
June 1,2,3 - Cheer camp - this is a maybe, she isn't sure yet
June 3,4,5 - Chloe's dance recital
June 6-10 - VBS for Chloe at Hilldale (Brody isn't old enough to go yet)
June 20-24 - VBS for Chloe at Sango Methodist (different program than first one)
July 11-14 - Dance Camp for Chloe and Music Camp for Brody
July 18-21 - Dance Camp at the other dance studio (maybe)
I wish there were more things for Brody to do, but I will at least have some one on one time with my sweet boy while Chloe is at her various things. He and I will probably hit the library, parks, pools, and mall while Chloe is busy.
And I think that is all. We will be going to the free movies each week at Great Escape also (well, they are free this year, but ALMOST free), and I have signed up for a summer Bible study that kicks off in June so we will be there too. Also, the YMCA will be a daily occurrence and play dates with our church friends. We are hoping to throw in a vacay maybe at the end of July or beginning of August. We will see. Busy summer, but EXACTLY how we like it!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Kelly, I'm dizzy...haha!!! It sounds like a great way to keep the kiddos occupied.