Thursday, May 5, 2011

Family Picnic...seriously?!?

OK, here is a bit of a rant. Just bear with me for a paragraph or two. My kids go to a Parents' Day Out program on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9-2. It is a wonderful program and we have been going there for 3 years now. That being said, there are a few things I really have a problem with. Number 1 problem is that next week they are using one of our "paid for" school days as the family picnic day at the park. Come on! Really?!? Don't they remember that we missed tons of school days due to the weather in January and February? And those were days we still paid for. Do they not know that all of us moms will be "park-ing" all summer with our kids?!? Do they not realize that with just 2 weeks left of PDO that we value every last one of those days and we really don't want to spend it with a ton of kids at a park when we have paid for them to be in school that day. If you are going to do a park day, do it on a non-school day, then maybe more moms would show up and maybe we wouldn't be so bitter about going. Actually, I may not even go. I may opt to go to the gym that day. No, that's not true, I would feel major mother guilt for not going, so I will show up with lunches packed, sunscreen, extra juice, and blankets to spread out and sit there and endure it for the 3 hours or so with the other moms who there thinking the same things I just said.
Number 2 is that if we truly follow the school system's schedule, then why oh why do our kids not start until September when the school system always starts around August 8th? I'm done with that one. I don't even want to get into it.

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