Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Time

Well, Parents Day Out is over and summer is here. Here is what I have planned for the kids this summer. The goal is to keep them busy because the first thing both of them ask each morning is "mommy, where are we going today?" So here is the run-down:
May 16th - every Monday for 6 weeks - both kids have swim lessons at the YMCA
June 1,2,3 - Cheer camp - this is a maybe, she isn't sure yet
June 3,4,5 - Chloe's dance recital
June 6-10 - VBS for Chloe at Hilldale (Brody isn't old enough to go yet)
June 20-24 - VBS for Chloe at Sango Methodist (different program than first one)
July 11-14 - Dance Camp for Chloe and Music Camp for Brody
July 18-21 - Dance Camp at the other dance studio (maybe)
I wish there were more things for Brody to do, but I will at least have some one on one time with my sweet boy while Chloe is at her various things. He and I will probably hit the library, parks, pools, and mall while Chloe is busy.
And I think that is all. We will be going to the free movies each week at Great Escape also (well, they are free this year, but ALMOST free), and I have signed up for a summer Bible study that kicks off in June so we will be there too. Also, the YMCA will be a daily occurrence and play dates with our church friends. We are hoping to throw in a vacay maybe at the end of July or beginning of August. We will see. Busy summer, but EXACTLY how we like it!

Pinterest. Where Have You Been All My Life?

I have discovered the BEST website EVER! Especially since we are looking to build a house in the next year or so. Instead of pulling pictures from magazines like I had originally planned, I have found this website and have started "pinning" pictures that I like. I have things pinned for every room in the new house that I can think of so far. Super cute things for the rooms! I'm slightly addicted to this website so I wanted to share it with you all. It's kind of like an online scrapbook of things that you like.
And for my SIL - Kim - there are tons of ideas for photography! I have pinned some really cute photo ideas that my friend Heather is going to do for me. I am going to set up a session with her and have her try her hand at these adorable pics/poses or whatever you want to call them. I will send you an invite to join pinterest and then you can get to pinning too.
If any of you want to join in, give me a holler and I will send you an invite too. The web address is Check out the things I have pinned. If you click on "people" then type my name in the search box a bunch of Kelly Blevins will come up. Scroll through and find my facebook picture of me and Chloe and then click and see! It's fun.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Names are Being Changed to Protect the Innocent...

So tonight, my friend E called and asked me if I wanted to go with her for a pedicure and then have our hubbys and kids meet us at the Mexican restaurant afterwards for dinner. Sounded great to me so she came and picked me up and we set off.
Aaah, the pedi was so relaxing! The perfect pedi in the most quiet and relaxing environment with one of my best friends...what could be better? Oh, I know...the dinner we were going to have afterwards with our families.
And that's when the dream ended...
We get to the restaurant, get the kids all settled in, get everything ordered for everyone and begin waiting for our food. Well, my plate came out first and as the server sat the plate down, he knocked over my glass of water which spilled all over the table and onto E, her cell phone, the floor, etc.... He stood there for a second and then ran off. We assumed he was going to grab towels, but he NEVER came back. Well, that's not true, he actually did come back about 5 minutes later with everyone else's food stacked all the way up his arm and looked at us like we were dumb when we told him he couldn't put anything else down until the table was wiped up (we didn't even have napkins to do it ourselves). About that time, our original server came out and stood and just stared at the mess. Finally, after J had some verbal exchanges with the servers, they got some towels (and he didn't say anything ugly...he just said what we were all thinking...clean up the flippin mess or give us some towels and let us do it). During this whole process mind you, our whole section was looking at us, and our unruly kids in the booth across from us. Anyways, we finally get the mess cleaned up, and Brody comes over to our table and spills the chips all over the floor. REALLY!!! I kid you not. Then he steps on a few of them to boot. Now I was really feeling like everyone was looking at us like we were a bunch of hoodlums who shouldn't be allowed in public. Then, Chloe proceeds to tell me 3 times very loudly that she had to "pee pee mommy." So, I take her to the potty and there are a few other ladies in there. When Chloe gets ready to flush, she says, "wow mommy, this is the coolest flusher ever!" I heard some muffled laughs under the stall as Chloe went on and on about the flusher.
So, we return to the table and wrap things up so we can get out of there. The only great things that happened at this place were that J and E didn't have to pay a penny for their meals which is awesome, and we came away with another awesome memory with some of our best friends.
Oh, and on the way to the car, Chloe fell face first in the parking lot and scraped her knees, and hands and screamed like a banshee.
Whew...what a crazy night! I wanted to go back the the nail salon and request a manicure when we were done with dinner so I could relax a little more.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Family Picnic...seriously?!?

OK, here is a bit of a rant. Just bear with me for a paragraph or two. My kids go to a Parents' Day Out program on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9-2. It is a wonderful program and we have been going there for 3 years now. That being said, there are a few things I really have a problem with. Number 1 problem is that next week they are using one of our "paid for" school days as the family picnic day at the park. Come on! Really?!? Don't they remember that we missed tons of school days due to the weather in January and February? And those were days we still paid for. Do they not know that all of us moms will be "park-ing" all summer with our kids?!? Do they not realize that with just 2 weeks left of PDO that we value every last one of those days and we really don't want to spend it with a ton of kids at a park when we have paid for them to be in school that day. If you are going to do a park day, do it on a non-school day, then maybe more moms would show up and maybe we wouldn't be so bitter about going. Actually, I may not even go. I may opt to go to the gym that day. No, that's not true, I would feel major mother guilt for not going, so I will show up with lunches packed, sunscreen, extra juice, and blankets to spread out and sit there and endure it for the 3 hours or so with the other moms who there thinking the same things I just said.
Number 2 is that if we truly follow the school system's schedule, then why oh why do our kids not start until September when the school system always starts around August 8th? I'm done with that one. I don't even want to get into it.