Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday - menu and update

So last week we had a few things come up that I didn't really expect so most of the meal plans are repeats of the week before. Actually all of them are because the ones I did get to make were SO VERY GOOD! So instead of repeating the whole menu from last week in this post, I will tell you the advantages of getting the entire menu planned and ready before your week even really starts.

1. the breakfasts were super fast and yummy. I think the hardest thing about this part of the menu was getting dried oatmeal off the bowls. Really... why is it soooo hard? At times I would rather just throw the bowl away.
2. The snacks were a cinch since I pre-bagged them all and put them in their own bin in the fridge. It was nice to not even have to think about it, or count anything! I just did a grab and run.
3. I have developed quite the taste for plain water although deep down I do still desire a little flavor in it. I have been drinking tons of it though so that's good.
4. the lunches are pretty easy if I wait until the kids are napping to eat. The only thing I didn't account for is that on Wednesdays after Bible Study we always hit up Chick-fil-A so on that day I got a grilled chicken sandwich and a cup of fruit. And on Saturdays after Chloe's soccer game we will usually hit up the local frozen yogurt place (Beary Bear) to celebrate her game. So...on Saturdays, fat free frozen yogurt is my lunch.
5. Dinners are super easy! I have everything pre-chopped and all ingredients in a bin in the fridge so I pull the bin out, and get to cooking. Super easy and hardly any mess since it's all pre-measured/cut/chopped/etc....
6. another huge advantage is that I did lose 2.2 pounds this week. That is probably thanks to eating really healthy and working out with my training group. I've had more energy, felt more alive, and just generally happier.

All in all, a healthy week last week with a great anticipation for another one this week! And again, if you want to check out the website I use for my meals/recipes/shopping lists, it's


6L's said...

success! way to go! :)

Kimberly and Jordan said...

I like the stewardship! hehe!