Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Germs, Bugs, and Bacteria

I feel the need to disinfect my daughter, my house, my sheets, her sheets, every cup we own, and heck, even disinfect the dog while we are at it. Why?!? Well, because after we have gone 1 solid week with some healed up ears, she wakes up this morning and the day progresses with a terribly tight cough, faint wheezing, rapid breathing, and having to work hard to breathe. Oh, and lest I forget the fever she spiked.
So we wound up back at the pedi office for the 3rd time in 4 weeks. She has her 3rd ear infection in 4 weeks (tubes fell out, ear drum busted and now there is a small hole in the drum), has strep throat, and an asthma flare-up. GEESH!!! My poor girl cannot catch a break lately. She is quite pitiful though...laying around, using her energy to get her breaths in and fight infection. Right now she is cuddled up on my bed and is staying here tonight since she is having some breathing issues. She is a trooper though. I explained the meds she would have to be on and she took them all up with no arguement at all. That's right, a neb treatment that lasts 15 minutes, an inhaler treatment every 4-6 hours as needed for distressed breathing, singulair for allergies, Orapred for swelling in the respiratory system, and Augmentin for the strep throat and ears.
We go see her ENT doc tomorrow for him to check out her ears again. I am praying this child does not need another surgery, but if another set of ear tubes are needed, then put them in because the first set worked miracles for her!!!
Pray for my baby Chloe and this sad mama's heart as I try my best to tenderly care for her. I'll keep yall posted as to what, if any, changes follow in the next day or two.

She has earned the privelege of sleeping with mommy and daddy tonight since she is
 not breathing perfectly. It's either that or I am up all night checking in on her.

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MOM said...

Dad & I always put the bowl in the sink and run hot water in it to let it soak until we run the d'washer. Works for us.