Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Fun...or Something Like It

Friday in the Blevins' Household is our fun day. I generally either have a play date planned for the kids or we go to Nashville or do crafts. Today, we went shopping with friends at the local mall. Honestly, the kids were awful! They threw fits, argued, begged, pleaded, and got mad when I wouldn't do everything they asked. Now, know this. My kids want for NOTHING. They probably have waaaay too much for their own goods anyways (or they did before this mommy dearest got to organizing and cleaning).  Despite this, my fashion forward Chloe wanted every "adorable" thing she saw including shoes, skirts, shirts, and jewelry...and a Hello Kitty Lunchbox because "mommy! This is the cutest thing EVER!!!" Brody, my ever so all-boy boy begged to ride the little rides a million times, wanted new flip flops, a batman lunchbox, and pretzels with sprite because "mama, I REALLY firsty."
By the time we got home we all 3 took naps. I won't be taking them to the mall together again for a LONG time!
So, today...was it the fun Friday we had planned? Nope. But after taking those naps, we woke up refreshed and ready to paint rocks they collected yesterday on our afternoon walk. And now, I am too tired to even get into how that went. Maybe tomorrow...

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