Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Activities

So this year I have really gotten crafty and adventurous with scissors, glue, paper, cooking, etc... And for those who know me well, those things and I normally do NOT go hand in hand. However, I am enjoying this new found craftiness and the kids are too! Let me share with you guys all that we have done this holiday beginning with making Resurrection Rolls.
The night before Easter, I decided to try a new recipe since the kids are really grasping the Easter Story for the first time this year. So Chloe, Brody, Emma, Nicklaus, Sharon, and myself all gathered together in the kitchen. We gave everyone crescent roll dough and had them put a marshmallow inside. Then I explained that the marshmallow was like Jesus' body and that after they took him off the cross, they wrapped his body in cloth. Then the kids wrapped up the marshmallow in the cresent roll dough. Then we brushed the top of the roll with butter, cinnamon and sugar which symbolized the oils and spices they used on Jesus's body before burial. Next, we cooked them and after they cooled came the real surprise. As they bit into them, they could see that the marshmallow was gone showing that Jesus was no longer in that cloth or tomb because he is alive in Heaven. It was a really cool experience and I am so glad we did it.

Next we dyed Easter Eggs. Can I just say that every single year I say that I won't dye eggs the next year because Brody always tries to drink the dye, it's messy, it's hard to get off of fingers, and it's just not this mama's cup of tea. BUT...I always forget the bad parts and get giddy over dying eggs so we always do them. This year was no exception.

And then for some more little crafty projects...take a look:

Teacher gifts for Chloe and Brody's teachers at Parent's Day Out. These are called Bunny Brownies and I attached the recipes to the lids.

Easter Garland hand made.

Getting ready to make the resurrection rolls

Brandon is our assistant for the little kids. Chloe is admiring her rolled up marshmallow.

Emma striking a pose for the camera. So sweet!!!

Chloe putting the butter and spices on the roll.

Brody getting ready to dump his spices on

And this is the only picture of dying eggs that I took because I was too busy trying to make sure egg dye didn't end up all over the place and that eggs were not broken like crazy.

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Those jars are to die for! I just organized some dry beans/goods in re-purposed glass jars. I might put some ribbon on them like yours for fun...ahemmm when I find some more time!