Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today, I feel bi-polar. Let me explain and I am almost 100% sure that those of you with toddlers may just have some situational bi-polar-ness too. We started out the day with my kids cooperating and being really good. They were playing well together, laughing together etc... Brody even woke up dry and used the potty!!!
THEN...things changed. We got to the soccer field for Chloe's game and Brody started acting out! He was throwing popcorn, crying, trying to put his chair on the field, and just about everything else you could imagine. Then Chloe got upset because another mom had given Brody a sucker and she didn't have one. She actually came off the field because she wanted "what Brody had." I really quickly went from happy and proud mommy to irritated and frustrated and kinda mad mommy. When the game ended, I was so relieved...
BUT THEN... Brody went back to happy boy and Chloe was thrilled with her performance during the game. Everything was fine and dandy. David brought the kids home for naps while I went to my friend Kara's house for some much needed "catch-up" time. It was glorious!!!
THEN...I get home and we took the kids bowling and to Chili's for dinner. Bowling was great but eating was HORRIBLE! Brody wanted to go potty while we were waiting on our food, but he refused to actually pee each time we went in there. I started to once again get slightly irritated.
THEN...the food finally arrived and what does Brody do? Refuse to eat even one bite of his meal. Would not eat one stinkin' bite but instead crawled under the table a million times, harassed Chloe, blew Sprite bubbles in his cup rather wildly, dumped all the sugar packets out, fought with Chloe over the silverware, and again, everything else you could imagine.
AND THEN...we get home, he poops in the potty, takes a bath without fussing at all, and is now making me a "surprise" with paper, crayons and scissors. He and Chloe have watched a movie in her room together, shared a bowl of popcorn (his treat for pooping in the potty), and been the sweetest most happy little guy this mama could ask for. Therefore, I am back to happy, relaxed, and in love with my job as mommy.
All in all, this day was literally night and day. Things were great, things were horrible, things were great. And at this point, we are ahead so we are calling it a night with the kids and getting them in the bed...before I get close to going off the deep end. Again.
Wait, it just occurred to me. Maybe I, and other moms, are not the bi-polar ones, but instead it's the beautiful creatures called TODDLERS who are.