Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tough Questions From Chloe

The other day the kids and I were driving to Target and I was listening to my Third Day CD...specifically the song Trust In Jesus (if you haven't heard it, get on iTunes and download it NOW!) Anyways, after the song went off, this was the conversation in the car...
Chloe: mommy, why are you so happy?
Me: oh, I love that song! It's about meeting Jesus and that makes me excited.
Chloe: I don't want you to go to heaven mommy.
Me: WHY Chloe?!?
Chloe: I will miss you!
Me: Oh Chloe. No sweet girl. I'm not going till I am at least 100 years old. It will be a long time before it's my turn to meet Jesus.
Chloe: I don't want to go to heaven
Me: Chloe, do you know what heaven is like???
Chloe: no
Me: well, it's like a big huge party. Like the biggest party you could ever imagine. Lots of singing, dancing, all the cake you want, and the best part is that Jesus will be there too!!! And...the streets are GOLD! And the fences and gates are made of princess jewels! And we get to live in mansions!!!
Chloe: I don't know what a mansion is
Me: Oh, it's like a big castle!
BRODY: Mommy, what kind of car does Jesus drive?
Me: I don't know...what do you think he drives?
BRODY: a blue car cause that's my favorite

Seriously!!! Tough questions from these 2 babies of mine! But incredible grateful that they are interested and inquisitive about Jesus at such an early age. Makes me feel like I am doing something right at least some of the time.

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