Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tackling My Tuesday

So Tuesdays are my crazy day. Like super-crazy-busy-thank-you-Lord-the-kids-are-in-school-kind of day! Here's the run down of how my day goes:

5:00 - wake up, work out for 30 mins and have devotions
7:00 - shower and start breakfast routine
8:00 - get kids ready for school
8:45 - out the door
9:00 - drop kids off and head up to a weekly errand
11:00 - errands done
12:00 - back home for lunch and to rest a tad
1:00 - piano lesson (yes, it is for me)
1:30 - head back over to pick up kids from school
2:30 - 5:00 - straighten up house and play with kids, 30 more minutes of cardio
6:00 - Citizens Police Academy class - really cool program our city has that teaches the public the ins and out of police work. It's a 6 week class, then this time slot will be replaced back with family trivia night at the mexican restaurant.
9:30 - collapse in the bed myself

So, what have I decided to do? Add ONE MORE THING to my day. Yep, I am going to start tackling one project on Tuesdays while the kids are in school. Maybe in the 11-1 slot?!? So each week, there will be something new to do. So today I will be cleaning out and organizing my pantry... UGH!

in much disarray before the cleaning out

bins on top hold all baking supplies and pasta/rice/dried beans
second shelf are the snack foods. the ones in the bin are the kids' snacks
third shelf is for spices and breakfast foods. in the bins are ceral bars, cereal, and instant grits

the last shelf has bins housing my canned fruit/misc, canned veggies, soups, and tomato products
The floor is my stock stuff. Juice boxes, paper goods, chips, and random other things.

So it's not like it looks a whole ton better or anything, but it is definitly more organized and pretty user friendly. Wonder how long it will stay this way?!?

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