Tuesday, March 8, 2011

San Antonio Is Awesome

Last week, David and I dropped the kids with my parents and headed down to the annual Chick-fil-A seminar. This year, it was in San Antonio...our first time there. Our hotel was absolutely amazing as it was on the riverfront. CFA really takes care of us while we are there! I promise you they are absolutely the best company in the world to work for. Of course, it's hard to find better when they run their business based on biblical principles, invest in their people, and truly care. I love my Chick-fil-A family! We spent the first few days in meetings and breakout sessions and a few extra activities. We were able to gain lots of insight on leadership from Patrick Lencioni, Dan Cathy, and several other keynote speakers. A highlight for us was a free concert by Third Day...AMAZING! They were awesome. And another exciting speaker for us was Pastor Steven Furtick. He planted Elevation Church in Charlotte which started out with around 10 people. Today, 5 years later, they have a weekly attendance of 8000 and have seen over 10000 people devote their lives to Christ. I would certainly say the Lord's hand is all over their church and that city. He spoke on praying big - huge - prayers and expecting our God to act. Just like Joshua prayed and asked the Lord to make the sun stand still and it did so that he could win his battle. I have listened to his sermon series titled "Sun Stand Still", have read his book with the same title, and now have heard him preach it in person. I can honestly say that every single time I have gained new insight and came away with something new to apply to my life. Everyone reading this should go to his website and listen to just 1 sermon...it will change your life. Google Elevation Church, Charlotte and it will come up.
Anyways, in TX, we also went to a ranch and were able to attend a rodeo. So much fun! We hiked around a bit, watched line dancing, sat on a bull, went to the rodeo, and practiced lassoing. Great was to spend the afternoon. Another highlight - and probably the favorite thing we did was take a tour through downtown San Antonio on Segways. The Blevins, along with 3 other CFA couples, booked a 2 hour tour and set off to go exploring. We had a 5 minute tutorial on how to drive the Segways, got to practice for 5 minutes and then we were off. It was sooooo much fun! I totally want one now. Seriously. And I want a pink one at that. No one had any major accidents except our friend who owns the Hermitage CFA. He accidentally ran into a bench that had a homeless man on it. He quickly apologized as the rest of us laughed and the homeless man said, "they oughtta teach yall how to drive those things first." It was hysterical.
We also did a tour of the Alamo. I had no idea the significance of this historical landmark because my history teacher was horrible, but I learned all about it and now know more about it than ever. Very interesting!
On to pictures now.

Hoopers and Blevins outside the Alamo

The Alamo...got a great history lesson here.

This is what the men did at the mall on a rainy day! Barry, Ben, David and John


David loving his Mr. Icecream

The group: Blevins, Hoopers, Prines, and Atkins

At the ranch sitting on a real Longhorn...Oreo!

The men played a little badminton at the ranch

Joy, Kim, Kelley, and Kelly

I love this cow!

These 2 guys fought in the pen. The black and white one was a total bully!

We went on a hiking tour of the ranch. Our guide looked like Dora the Explorer, and she
knew everything about everything. Thanks to David asking 18000 questions, the tour
took about double the amount of time it should have.

After the hike, we took turns lasso-ing

Our cowboy who taught us to lasso

David was really good. I think the cowboy called him a natural.

On a boat ride through the river walk.

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Look like you had a good time. I like the segway (sp?) story!