Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Ponies

Chloe has started soccer. Yes, she is the prissy little 4 year old that can play a mean game of soccer, then go home, throw on her tutu or princess dress and have a tea party with her baby dolls. Her first game was this past Saturday and I am just saying that it was SO MUCH FUN! Her team is made of 9 little 4 year old girls. They play 3 on 3 and the game lasts about 30 or 40 minutes. You should see them (you will as I was the crazy mom taking pictures of everything!). Those sweet angels were running all over, kicking the ball and falling in the process. So sweet!
David is coaching Chloe's team and he loves it. She calls him Coach Daddy sometimes. The only problem is that she is certainly not used to David giving other little girls his attention so at the first practice we did have somewhat of a meltdown. So between that and poor Brody crying because he can't play soccer on Chloe's team I had my hands full of tears. I think those other parents thought The Blevins' were nutty! One thing I did learn is that as "the coach's wife" I need to bring bandaids and saline spray wash to every practice and game. Not because anyone said anything, but because I witnessed a sweet little girl trip and barely scrape her shin but act like her lower limb had been cut off at the knee...and yes, that sweet angel was Chloe.
Here are some pics and a little video. Oh, and I almost forgot! Chloe scored a goal at the game last week!!! But there is one thing...a little girl kicked the ball out of bounds then Chloe ran to get it, kicked it back in bounds and proceeded to kick it all the way to (and into) the goal...which happened to be the other team's goal. HA!!! She was sooooo proud and we just let her think she had scored a goal and celebrated by taking her and Brody for ice cream afterwards.

 Aubrey, Alyssa, and Chloe

 Chloe kicking the ball in the goal

 Yay Chloe!!!

 Coach Daddy

 Run Chloe!!!

 And this sums up how adorably princess-y our girls are!

Coaches shaking hands...the Dean Smith and Coach K of soccer. HA!

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