Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boogers and Poop and Spit, Oh My!

I know...gross! However, that has become my life since my baby turned 2. All Brody talks about (or so it seems) is boogers and poop. He is fascinated. I mean really fascinated by them. And he doesn't just talk about them, he also feels the need to get me involved in this by doing things such as this: I will be driving and he will say "here mommy." I reach back unsuspecting and he puts a booger in my hand and laughs. Thanks a ton son! And when I tell him we don't play with boogers or give them to people, he just laughs even more because I said boogers. Geesh. Boys! But it can be worse, and at times it is. Here are some of the other ways little guy talks about these things (and these are all things that have happened recently)...

1. We are walking down the aisle in Wal-Mart and he says "hello Mr Poopy-pants"...and it's a perfect stranger. Imagine my embarrassment while he and Chloe crack up.
2. I will be disciplining him and I say, "do you understand that this is your warning?" He replies..."yes ma'am mommy poopy-pants." Where do I go with that?
3. He randomly tells people that he has boogers.
4. He is enthralled with spitting...not like men spit, but that baby spit thing. And he especially loves it when we are trying to eat. Yeah, last night, he actually spit shrimp particles in my face and blew milk bubbles so hard that I got splashed. Grrrr!!!!
5. Yesterday on the way to Parents' Day Out, Chloe said something about poop and Brody felt the need to be righteous and tell me, "mommy, Chloe said poopy. Chloe don't say that word. It is a potty word only. Don't say it...okay poopy-pants?"
5. And finally, the other day he and Chloe were downstairs with some friends playing and I hear them having a contest to see who could say "poop" the fastest. Guess who won...and who laughed hysterically every single time. Yep, that would be David's boy :)

How in the world could this sweet little angel turn into a mischievous little man.

Really, can't you see the mischief written all over his sweet face?!? And I am quite 
sure he was laughing in the pic because he said the word poopy.

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The Mommy Therapy said...

I think every boy hits this phase, unfortunately. I hear that some girls are een infected with the love of potty humor. I'm praying my daughter is without this gene...though her older brothers showed strong signs of it.

I kid you not, my middle son actually cried for 20 minutes in the middle of the night once and when I finally got to him he just held out his hand and handed me a booger. "Here Mommy." Gosh, thanks.

Boys. If you find a way to end this, please email me asap.