Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boogers and Poop and Spit, Oh My!

I know...gross! However, that has become my life since my baby turned 2. All Brody talks about (or so it seems) is boogers and poop. He is fascinated. I mean really fascinated by them. And he doesn't just talk about them, he also feels the need to get me involved in this by doing things such as this: I will be driving and he will say "here mommy." I reach back unsuspecting and he puts a booger in my hand and laughs. Thanks a ton son! And when I tell him we don't play with boogers or give them to people, he just laughs even more because I said boogers. Geesh. Boys! But it can be worse, and at times it is. Here are some of the other ways little guy talks about these things (and these are all things that have happened recently)...

1. We are walking down the aisle in Wal-Mart and he says "hello Mr Poopy-pants"...and it's a perfect stranger. Imagine my embarrassment while he and Chloe crack up.
2. I will be disciplining him and I say, "do you understand that this is your warning?" He replies..."yes ma'am mommy poopy-pants." Where do I go with that?
3. He randomly tells people that he has boogers.
4. He is enthralled with spitting...not like men spit, but that baby spit thing. And he especially loves it when we are trying to eat. Yeah, last night, he actually spit shrimp particles in my face and blew milk bubbles so hard that I got splashed. Grrrr!!!!
5. Yesterday on the way to Parents' Day Out, Chloe said something about poop and Brody felt the need to be righteous and tell me, "mommy, Chloe said poopy. Chloe don't say that word. It is a potty word only. Don't say it...okay poopy-pants?"
5. And finally, the other day he and Chloe were downstairs with some friends playing and I hear them having a contest to see who could say "poop" the fastest. Guess who won...and who laughed hysterically every single time. Yep, that would be David's boy :)

How in the world could this sweet little angel turn into a mischievous little man.

Really, can't you see the mischief written all over his sweet face?!? And I am quite 
sure he was laughing in the pic because he said the word poopy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tackling My Tuesday

So Tuesdays are my crazy day. Like super-crazy-busy-thank-you-Lord-the-kids-are-in-school-kind of day! Here's the run down of how my day goes:

5:00 - wake up, work out for 30 mins and have devotions
7:00 - shower and start breakfast routine
8:00 - get kids ready for school
8:45 - out the door
9:00 - drop kids off and head up to a weekly errand
11:00 - errands done
12:00 - back home for lunch and to rest a tad
1:00 - piano lesson (yes, it is for me)
1:30 - head back over to pick up kids from school
2:30 - 5:00 - straighten up house and play with kids, 30 more minutes of cardio
6:00 - Citizens Police Academy class - really cool program our city has that teaches the public the ins and out of police work. It's a 6 week class, then this time slot will be replaced back with family trivia night at the mexican restaurant.
9:30 - collapse in the bed myself

So, what have I decided to do? Add ONE MORE THING to my day. Yep, I am going to start tackling one project on Tuesdays while the kids are in school. Maybe in the 11-1 slot?!? So each week, there will be something new to do. So today I will be cleaning out and organizing my pantry... UGH!

in much disarray before the cleaning out

bins on top hold all baking supplies and pasta/rice/dried beans
second shelf are the snack foods. the ones in the bin are the kids' snacks
third shelf is for spices and breakfast foods. in the bins are ceral bars, cereal, and instant grits

the last shelf has bins housing my canned fruit/misc, canned veggies, soups, and tomato products
The floor is my stock stuff. Juice boxes, paper goods, chips, and random other things.

So it's not like it looks a whole ton better or anything, but it is definitly more organized and pretty user friendly. Wonder how long it will stay this way?!?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu Planning Monday

So I am venturing out on a whole new journey. One that is about me for a change and not about my kids...although they will also benefit. I am on a mission to lose about 30 pounds and have been trying to figure out the best way for me to do this. I finally did!!! I am signed up with a personal trainer every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 12 weeks, and I have found the perfect website for meal planning! During my blog reading the other day, I came across a really neat website that I am going to call "every mother of young children's dream". The actual site is called Plan To Eat and you can get to it by clicking this link: I highly encourage you to at least go visit and sign up for the 30 day free trial. Worse case scenario, you hate it and it's still free. Best case scenario, you love it, and sign up for a full year (and it IS cheap!).
So, along with this new venture, I am also starting what I call "menu planning Monday." Each Monday, you will see what my family and I are eating for the week, and if you want recipes, I will add a link to the side...but I will need you to request them via a comment because I certainly don't want to type them all out for nothing. That would be wasting the precious time I am supposed to be saving :) And just so you know, I am pre-bagging all snacks, cutting up most produce, and getting meals together on Sunday nights. Here are a few pictures:

pre-bagged snacks (almonds are behind the grapes)

all snacks placed in a bin

our dinner in a bin with all of the ingredients

and the the bins in the fridge...ignore the messiness of the refrigerator.

So, here's the menu. Are you ready?
Monday: Breakfast: Banana Cream of Wheat, 10 grapes
Lunch: English Muffin Melt and a Salad with vinegar and lemon dressing
Dinner: Roasted Flounder with Tomatoes, Best Ever French Beans
Snacks: Orange with almonds, Kashi bar

Tuesday: Breakfast: Whole wheat toast, Southwestern Egg Beaters, Strawberries
Lunch: Fruit Salad (just fruit all mixed together) and English Muffin Melt
Dinner: Bench Press Bell Peppers, Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes
Snacks: orange with almonds, carrots with strawberries

Wednesday: Breakfast: Egg Beaters, whole wheat toast, strawberries
Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken breast, fruit
Dinner: Mandarin Orange Chicken with Balsamic Roasted Broccoli
Snacks: kashi bar, almonds with orange

Thursday: Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich, grapes
Lunch: fruit salad, shrimp quesadilla
Dinner: Chili
Snacks: orange and almonds, carrots

Friday: Breakfast: Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich, strawberries
Lunch: salad with chicken breast, strawberries
Dinner: Leftover chili
Snacks: kashi bar, almonds with grapes

Saturday: Breakfast: Banana Cream of Wheat, Grapes
Lunch: Fiesta Turkey Mini-Tostados, fruit
Dinner: Grilled Chicken Smothered Nachos
Snacks: Carrots, Orange with almonds
Most of my recipes came from Whole Foods, Real Simple, or Biggest Loser...FYI

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Ponies

Chloe has started soccer. Yes, she is the prissy little 4 year old that can play a mean game of soccer, then go home, throw on her tutu or princess dress and have a tea party with her baby dolls. Her first game was this past Saturday and I am just saying that it was SO MUCH FUN! Her team is made of 9 little 4 year old girls. They play 3 on 3 and the game lasts about 30 or 40 minutes. You should see them (you will as I was the crazy mom taking pictures of everything!). Those sweet angels were running all over, kicking the ball and falling in the process. So sweet!
David is coaching Chloe's team and he loves it. She calls him Coach Daddy sometimes. The only problem is that she is certainly not used to David giving other little girls his attention so at the first practice we did have somewhat of a meltdown. So between that and poor Brody crying because he can't play soccer on Chloe's team I had my hands full of tears. I think those other parents thought The Blevins' were nutty! One thing I did learn is that as "the coach's wife" I need to bring bandaids and saline spray wash to every practice and game. Not because anyone said anything, but because I witnessed a sweet little girl trip and barely scrape her shin but act like her lower limb had been cut off at the knee...and yes, that sweet angel was Chloe.
Here are some pics and a little video. Oh, and I almost forgot! Chloe scored a goal at the game last week!!! But there is one thing...a little girl kicked the ball out of bounds then Chloe ran to get it, kicked it back in bounds and proceeded to kick it all the way to (and into) the goal...which happened to be the other team's goal. HA!!! She was sooooo proud and we just let her think she had scored a goal and celebrated by taking her and Brody for ice cream afterwards.

 Aubrey, Alyssa, and Chloe

 Chloe kicking the ball in the goal

 Yay Chloe!!!

 Coach Daddy

 Run Chloe!!!

 And this sums up how adorably princess-y our girls are!

Coaches shaking hands...the Dean Smith and Coach K of soccer. HA!

Tough Questions From Chloe

The other day the kids and I were driving to Target and I was listening to my Third Day CD...specifically the song Trust In Jesus (if you haven't heard it, get on iTunes and download it NOW!) Anyways, after the song went off, this was the conversation in the car...
Chloe: mommy, why are you so happy?
Me: oh, I love that song! It's about meeting Jesus and that makes me excited.
Chloe: I don't want you to go to heaven mommy.
Me: WHY Chloe?!?
Chloe: I will miss you!
Me: Oh Chloe. No sweet girl. I'm not going till I am at least 100 years old. It will be a long time before it's my turn to meet Jesus.
Chloe: I don't want to go to heaven
Me: Chloe, do you know what heaven is like???
Chloe: no
Me: well, it's like a big huge party. Like the biggest party you could ever imagine. Lots of singing, dancing, all the cake you want, and the best part is that Jesus will be there too!!! And...the streets are GOLD! And the fences and gates are made of princess jewels! And we get to live in mansions!!!
Chloe: I don't know what a mansion is
Me: Oh, it's like a big castle!
BRODY: Mommy, what kind of car does Jesus drive?
Me: I don't know...what do you think he drives?
BRODY: a blue car cause that's my favorite

Seriously!!! Tough questions from these 2 babies of mine! But incredible grateful that they are interested and inquisitive about Jesus at such an early age. Makes me feel like I am doing something right at least some of the time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Organization

So I have totally fallen in love with the website Anything and everything is on that website...and I mean everything. I have gotten worksheets for babysitter instructions to crafts and activities for the kids for every holiday to ideas for gifts for anyone you can imagine. There are tons of free printable on there too which I love because it is a cheap way to decorate. Just print and frame!

Anyways, I am dying to start spring cleaning and organizing the house in a more "flowing" manner. So, I searched "spring cleaning" on the website and was linked to this site:   CHECK IT OUT! It is heavenly!

So, I am taking the challenge of the 5 week organization/clean up. There are check-lists and helpful tips for each project/area to tackle. She reveals every Monday what the "hot spot" is for that week. So far they have been closets/drawers, and papers. I have some catching up to do as I just found this site today, but lookout Blevins house because I can't wait to get started.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I tried...

So, I tried to do the really cute blog design thing, but failed miserably. Let's face it, I don't want to waste a lot of time doing it and I hate watching videos to learn how. the next 2 weeks I should have a new blog design by 2 professional girls and I cannot wait. Be on the lookout!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

San Antonio Is Awesome

Last week, David and I dropped the kids with my parents and headed down to the annual Chick-fil-A seminar. This year, it was in San Antonio...our first time there. Our hotel was absolutely amazing as it was on the riverfront. CFA really takes care of us while we are there! I promise you they are absolutely the best company in the world to work for. Of course, it's hard to find better when they run their business based on biblical principles, invest in their people, and truly care. I love my Chick-fil-A family! We spent the first few days in meetings and breakout sessions and a few extra activities. We were able to gain lots of insight on leadership from Patrick Lencioni, Dan Cathy, and several other keynote speakers. A highlight for us was a free concert by Third Day...AMAZING! They were awesome. And another exciting speaker for us was Pastor Steven Furtick. He planted Elevation Church in Charlotte which started out with around 10 people. Today, 5 years later, they have a weekly attendance of 8000 and have seen over 10000 people devote their lives to Christ. I would certainly say the Lord's hand is all over their church and that city. He spoke on praying big - huge - prayers and expecting our God to act. Just like Joshua prayed and asked the Lord to make the sun stand still and it did so that he could win his battle. I have listened to his sermon series titled "Sun Stand Still", have read his book with the same title, and now have heard him preach it in person. I can honestly say that every single time I have gained new insight and came away with something new to apply to my life. Everyone reading this should go to his website and listen to just 1 will change your life. Google Elevation Church, Charlotte and it will come up.
Anyways, in TX, we also went to a ranch and were able to attend a rodeo. So much fun! We hiked around a bit, watched line dancing, sat on a bull, went to the rodeo, and practiced lassoing. Great was to spend the afternoon. Another highlight - and probably the favorite thing we did was take a tour through downtown San Antonio on Segways. The Blevins, along with 3 other CFA couples, booked a 2 hour tour and set off to go exploring. We had a 5 minute tutorial on how to drive the Segways, got to practice for 5 minutes and then we were off. It was sooooo much fun! I totally want one now. Seriously. And I want a pink one at that. No one had any major accidents except our friend who owns the Hermitage CFA. He accidentally ran into a bench that had a homeless man on it. He quickly apologized as the rest of us laughed and the homeless man said, "they oughtta teach yall how to drive those things first." It was hysterical.
We also did a tour of the Alamo. I had no idea the significance of this historical landmark because my history teacher was horrible, but I learned all about it and now know more about it than ever. Very interesting!
On to pictures now.

Hoopers and Blevins outside the Alamo

The a great history lesson here.

This is what the men did at the mall on a rainy day! Barry, Ben, David and John


David loving his Mr. Icecream

The group: Blevins, Hoopers, Prines, and Atkins

At the ranch sitting on a real Longhorn...Oreo!

The men played a little badminton at the ranch

Joy, Kim, Kelley, and Kelly

I love this cow!

These 2 guys fought in the pen. The black and white one was a total bully!

We went on a hiking tour of the ranch. Our guide looked like Dora the Explorer, and she
knew everything about everything. Thanks to David asking 18000 questions, the tour
took about double the amount of time it should have.

After the hike, we took turns lasso-ing

Our cowboy who taught us to lasso

David was really good. I think the cowboy called him a natural.

On a boat ride through the river walk.