Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Time

February is a busy month around here for us this year. First, we celebrated David's birthday on the 9th with dinner, cupcakes, and presents! Then on the 12th, Chloe's best friend since starting parents' day out 3 years ago celebrated his 4th birthday. His party was a swimming party at the YMCA. Then on the 13th, another little boy from her class had his 4th birthday party but we were unable to make that party due to other obligations. Next there was a Valentines celebration and party at school, and today we are heading to NC to drop the kids off with my parents for a week while David and I head to San Antonio, TX.
Crazy busy huh?!?

Here are some pictures of Chloe and Brody at Miguel's birthday party. Chloe absolutely loves Miguel and says he is her boyfriend. Brody calls him Tiggell because he can't say Miguel for some reason. He was so funny the morning of the party saying "going to Tiggell's party, going swimming with Tiggell!!!" So, without furthur are some pics

Getting ready to go to the party in his new pirate bathing suit

All the dads with the younger kids

Miguel - he is adorable!

Brody couldn't wait for cake so he started picking his nose

Chloe and Miguel


Random picture of the "rockstar." This is what she calls herself when she wears this shirt.


Isn't she super cute?

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