Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Time

February is a busy month around here for us this year. First, we celebrated David's birthday on the 9th with dinner, cupcakes, and presents! Then on the 12th, Chloe's best friend since starting parents' day out 3 years ago celebrated his 4th birthday. His party was a swimming party at the YMCA. Then on the 13th, another little boy from her class had his 4th birthday party but we were unable to make that party due to other obligations. Next there was a Valentines celebration and party at school, and today we are heading to NC to drop the kids off with my parents for a week while David and I head to San Antonio, TX.
Crazy busy huh?!?

Here are some pictures of Chloe and Brody at Miguel's birthday party. Chloe absolutely loves Miguel and says he is her boyfriend. Brody calls him Tiggell because he can't say Miguel for some reason. He was so funny the morning of the party saying "going to Tiggell's party, going swimming with Tiggell!!!" So, without furthur are some pics

Getting ready to go to the party in his new pirate bathing suit

All the dads with the younger kids

Miguel - he is adorable!

Brody couldn't wait for cake so he started picking his nose

Chloe and Miguel


Random picture of the "rockstar." This is what she calls herself when she wears this shirt.


Isn't she super cute?

Fun Fun February

Here are just some cute pictures of the kids. We have had an amazingly fun month...especially considering that school has been out a lot due to snow and we have all been cramped up together.There has been lots of TV time and lots of playtime as well. Chloe and Brody are in an awesome stage now though where they absolutely adore each other. They play together all day long whether it be with trucks and trains, coloring, crafts, or babydolls and house. Currently, their favorite thing is to kick the soccer ball back and forth as Chloe will be starting soccer in a few weeks. They lay together every single night and watch a few cartoons in our room before they have to go to bed and it's absolutely heart-warming to hear them talking about the cartoon with each other and giggling hysterically. Don't get me wrong, they certainly have their fair share of sibling rivalry, but it is far outweighed (on most days) by their sweet natures.

Sweet boy fell asleep during cartoons in our room

Brody does love his spaghetti!

Resting together in Chloe's room listening to books on tape

Kids' Day at Chick-fil-A. They made fire hats.

Brody, his friend CJ, and Chloe all watching a cartoon together

Chomp chomp!

If you look closely at her eyes, you can see that Chloe decided to wear make-up to "daddy's work"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things...

The other day at Target, Brody, Chloe and I were standing in line to buy her and Brody a slushie. The guy in front of us was probably in his mid-twenties, an employee, and had a huge diamond looking earring in his ear. Do you know where I am going with this?!? Here's how the conversation ensued...

Chloe: Mommy, look at that boy! He has an earring in. That's so silly. Boys don't wear earrings.
Me: (said nothing, just gave her the look that says "zip it!"
Chloe: What mommy? Why is he wearing an earring? Boys don't do that.
Me: (now motioning for her to be quiet)
Chloe: That boy is so silly.
Me: Chloe, it's fine. Some boys do wear earrings and it's not a big deal so just tell me what flavor slushie do you want.
Chloe: Red slush mommy. When do I get my ears pierced? Will Brody get his ears pierced?

Lord have mercy! Kids do say the darndest well as notice everything!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Snow, Go Away...

I do actually love snow... really, I do. However, when it starts affecting/cancelling my kids' school, that's when the rocky relationship with snow begins. This year especially, we have missed many many Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those are 2 of the most sacred days of the week to me (besides Sunday). These are the days when I get the things done like grocery shopping in peace, running errands in peace. These are the days that I get a little time to myself. These are the days when I can pour into my relationships with friends over a cup of coffee, and a visit or phone call. As of late, I have not had ANY time for that stuff. Instead, I have had to reorder my days and go grocery shopping on Saturday with every other person in Clarksville. I am spending my Tuesdays and Thursdays breaking up little scuffles, canceling appointments I have, and figuring out ways to entertain without having to leave the house. This means lots of arts and crafts. Lots of patience. Lots of hot baths in the evenings when David gets home.
So, in the most loving of ways, I please with you snow to just GO AWAY and STAY AWAY.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Busy Doesn't Even Describe Life

Since getting back from our ski trip last month, our family has been immersed in our schedule. Every single day it seems as though we have something going on. Here is a sample of our week:
Sunday: church for 3 hours because we stay and volunteer during the 3rd service, then we have community group for 3 hours that night
Monday: laundry day at the Blevins house. Usually includes 5-6 loads of laundry...washing, drying, folding, hanging and putting away, Chloe's dance class for an hour that evening, home for a quick dinner
Tuesday: Parents Day Out for the kids, dr appt right after dropping them off, piano lessons, pick up kids, home to make dinner, or out to Mexican restaurant for trivia/dinner
Wednesday: Bible study for 3 hours, lunch out afterwards, dishes, straighten up the house and get dinner ready
Thursday: kids to school, physical therapy, errands, dinner prep
Friday: playdate with different friends or a trip to Nashville to play, movie night at home with sleeping bags out, popcorn popped.
Saturday: Totally varies from week to week. This week we have 2 birthday parties.

So as you can see, I'm not totally surprised that I haven't blogged in a long time. I'm consumed with the job description of being a stay at home mom. I wouldn't have life any other way though...even if it does mean that I have to be intentional with my time about blogging and posting cute pictures now. So, I will have some new pictures soon...promise...if I can find the time to take them. HA!