Friday, January 28, 2011

Shepherd Kelly

Today is the re-start of discipline 101 in the Blevins household. Yes, we are having to review...go back a few grades because our children need a review desperately. I'm not sure what happened, other than being out of routine for a while now, but they clearly forgot that we don't back-talk, yell at anyone (especially me), treat each other ugly, hit, stamp our feet, roll our eyes, disobey, etc...

So, I have gotten Shepherding A Child's Heart back out (Kelly Bullock - I promise to give this back one day) and am reading it from front to back again and re-doing it. Just give me the head-dress and a staff and call me Shepherd Kelly.

Wish us luck as we hop back on board the discipline train and venture full speed ahead into the land of respectful and loving children. We are training up our children... and I pray that very soon I will be able to post an update that is totally opposite of this one.

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