Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun Times To Start 2011

Chloe and I left last Saturday to head to DuPont, Washington to visit my younger brother, Jordan, his wife, Kim, and their sweet baby, Adalynn. We flew out of Nashville, up to Chicago, and then over to Seattle. The flight was pretty unremarkable...except for Chloe screaming before we even left TN when she dropped her bow on the plane. Her words, "Oh no mommy, my bow fell off the plane. I can hardly breathe." I laughed and then told her to calm down, it was just under her seat. She is oh so dramatic! In Chicago, we had a great time getting on and off the moving walk-ways. I think we did that at least 10 times before heading to our gate.
Anyways, we got to Washington just fine and settled in right away. We were thrilled to see family again. It had been such a long time...and we had never met Adalynn before. She is absolutely beautiful! She took right to us and we quickly became good friends. She laughed and smiled and played with us. She started looking for us when she couldn't see us, and she was quick on leaning in to share her sweet kisses with me and Chloe. She is such a good baby too. So chill! Nothing really makes her cry unless she is hungry or wet. Oh, and speaking of wet, I changed my first cloth diaper ever!!! I have to admit, they are just as quick and easy as disposables and a whole lot cuter.
While we were there, we were able to just relax and hang out together. We went to a new yogurt shop that had the feel of a ski lodge. We ate our yogurt on leather couches in front of a warm fire. We went shopping several times, ate at amazing delis, and got to see the capitol city, Olympia. At night, we played Just Dance 2 with Kim, and Jordan, and danced our feet off. I have great video of Jordan dancing to that song "They Call Me Stacy..." and Chloe dancing to "Oh Mickey You're So Fine...."
We spent 4 nights/5 days there and were sad to have to leave them. They live in an amazing lifestyle community about 30 miles south of Seattle. We have plans to go back in late summer and take the boys with us this time. Already looking forward to it!

Giving Adalynn her soothie

Both girls watching Mickey Mouse

Happy girl!

Matching Cousins!

Look at my sweet Chloe! She was wearing Adalynn's bow...and now has her own.

Chloe and Adalynn talking to each other

Chloe kisses...and hair in Adalynn's face.

Chloe Cinderella

Sweet Boy Brody who I missed so much while gone

And now we have Barbie Chloe

Adalynn LOVED looking at herself in the mirror. This was a super fun thing to watch!

I'm getting a wet smooch from sweet baby girl

Love this baby! Check out her mohawk strawberry blonde hair. So cute!

Chloe finally held her at the yogurt shop.

These are the fingers that she loves best! Oh, I miss her so much!

Adalynn listening intently to Chloe's story at the yogurt shop

Chloe with Yogi...again at the yogurt shop. She also informed me that the man working there looked like Yogi Bear and was loud like Yogi. Thankfully, he didn't hear her.

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