Monday, December 20, 2010

A Tradition in the Making

Last year Chloe and I took an overnight trip to Opryland Hotel in Nashville to take in the Christmas sights and sounds. We had such a great time that I decided that from there on out, it would be our annual girls trip during the Christmas season. This year was a little different though. Since she is 4 now, and has been in dance for quite some time, I took her to see the Rockettes. She absolutely was in awe. She could not believe her eyes or ears. She has been kicking and singing like the Rockettes since last Thursday afternoon. It was amazing. We also were able to go to the ICE exhibit which is really cool. It's tons and tons of ice that is carved out into a  theme...this year's was Santa Clause Is Coming To Town. It was very cute as usual, very cold as usual (9 degrees hence the giant parkas they give you when you enter) and very fun - cause there are ice slides to go down. We did the slides so many times I lost count.
Then after those two main shows were done, we walked miles over the hotel taking in the sights, talking to Santa, riding the Santa Express Train, making gingerbread houses (ours was poorly constructed and fell and broke into a million pieces), having breakfast with Kris Kringle and lots more.
Anyways, here are pictures that are worth more than a thousand words.

 Happy Girl posing with the suspended stockings in the background

 Gazebo in the hotel

 Sweet girl posing on the wall

 I love this look on her face. it just screams "WHAT MISCHIEF WILL WE FIND!?"

 Taking in the scent of the flowers

 Riding the Santa Express

 Yes, I allowed all of these junky foods for breakfast because we were on a vacay

 After our breakfast with Kris Kringle

 Several pictures from the ICE exhibit


 Here she comes...legs straight up in the air

 Happy Chloe after sliding down the ice

The giant Christmas tree in the hotel

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6L's said...

these pictures are so great and i can feel the magic! chloe looks over the moon happy! what a great tradition!! btw, you look pretty great and happy yourself :) merry christmas, kelly!