Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This year, we did things a bit different. We decided to stay here as a family and have dinner with our good friends and neighbors, Heather and Joey Moroschak and their kiddos. Heather and Joey have become special people to us especially over the past 9 months as we have been in the same community group at church and have shared lots and lots about each other through these times. David and Joey have formed a guy bond that is awesome which makes my heart smile. I was honored this year as they brought their tradition into our home to share with us. Heather made homemade bread to pass and as you tear off a piece, you tell something you are thankful for. When it got to Luke (their 8 year old middle child) he looked right at his daddy and said "daddy, I'm thankful for Jesus and that you are home this year for Thanksgiving." I almost lost it. Joey is in the Army and is a pilot. He will be leaving again for his final tour in January. He has been in for 19 years and has served his country proud. He will be of course going to Afghanistan so please be in prayer for him, his safety, and his family left behind.
Here are some pics to enjoy...

excited for turkey day

brotherly and sisterly love - notice the bow Aunt it!

Dawson and Chloe playing Leapster and Brody at the kid table.
 Dawson and Chloe really really like each other.

The crew...the only reason I am so upclose is because I was the one working the timer. So from left to right we have: Heather, Joey, Briar, Me, Dawson, Luke, Brody, David, and Chloe.

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Heather said...

YAY....this whole time I thought your only blog was the "Surriver" blog!!
I gotcha now.....Thank you for loving on us for Thanksgiving. It was very kind and thoughtful of you guys to invite us on such a special day.
Love you