Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year was the best Christmas that I can remember. Nowhere to be at a specific time, no schedule to stick to, stayed in pajamas all day long, and then had dinner with 5 other couples (after we showered and put back on our jammas). It was perfect. The kids were happy, the gifts were plenty, the celebration of Christ's birth and the reason he came to earth, the fact that everyone in my house is healthy, the fun with friends later all summed up to the perfect Christmas.
I won't keep going on and on about our special Christmas this year, but after the past 2 years that we have had, this was one heck of a special Christmas for our family!
Enjoy the pictures.

Look at this awesome piggy bank painted by our awesome babysitter Katelynn!!!

Decorating cupcakes for Santa and Jesus' birthday party

Brody doing his part

Finished product for Santa plus 2 bags of reindeer food

Christmas Eve opening gifts from grandparents, aunts, and uncles


Putting out the reindeer food while it snows in the background

And Chloe helping...

Where do I start?

Talking Woody and Buzz...thanks Grammy and OpOp

Chloe's turn...

Chloe's pillow pet...thanks Grammy and Opop - this and twinkle shoes were a huge hit

Santa left Chloe lots of goodies

Dad. check this out! Santa left me a train table!

Getting a closer look

Coming down the hall getting ready to see if Santa visited or not

Christmas Eve opening a work bench. Thanks Gramom and Grandaddy

Hello Kitty CD player with audio CD books - thanks Gramom and Grandaddy!

What Brody got from Santa

Christmas morning

Brody giving Chloe's roller skates a try.

White Christmas!!!

Do we have a roller derby girl in our future???

diggin' in


How exciting!!!!

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