Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chloe's Questions...

Merry Christmas first and foremost!!! I just hopped on here really quick while the boys in the house are still asleep to tell you about our Christmas Eve. I will have pictures later on a different post, but until then, here is the conversation Chloe and I had in the middle of Christmas Eve service last night at church...

Chloe: Mommy, how old is baby Jesus?
Me: 2000 years old
Chloe: Wow! When am I going to be 2000 years old?
Me: In Heaven (keep in mind I am trying to listen to our pastor)
Chloe: So that means when I die.
Me: UMMMM...yeah
Chloe: I'll go to heaven when I die and be 2000 years old?
Me: Yeah
Chloe: How tall will I be when I am 2000?
Me: As tall as be quiet we are getting ready to pray
Chloe: So I will be this big? (then she showed me with her arms then bowed her head for prayer)

I can't believe the questions and conversations this 4 year old of mine comes up with sometimes...

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