Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A New Version of "Traumatized..."

I have come up with a new version of traumatized. You see, traumatized is what David and I are. The kids have been with David's parents and grandmother for the past 9 or 10 days and they came back to us yesterday "Grandma-tized." Yes, that's right. They have been grandma-tized to the max. ROTTEN does not even begin to describe them.
Let's start with Brody. This morning, he REFUSED to eat his bar. OK, no biggie. Then he said he wanted yogurt but then refused it once it was opened. Then he cried and refused 2 cups of milk because they weren't in the cup he wanted. Once David put it in the third cup, I was done. DONE I tell you. So a bit later, he started pitching a fit about something and then hauled off and threw my notebook on the floor. Then he walked around with a crayon in his hand searching for a place he could throw it. We warned him if he threw it, he would get a spanking and what do you know...he THREW it anyways. So I spanked him and told him to pick it up, he said NO, DON'T WANT TO, so he got another spank. This pattern continued for about 4 times when David stepped in and put Brody in his room for a time out. When he came back out, David told him he had to say he was sorry to mommy for disobeying but Brody refused so he went back to his room again for a time out...but not before he picked up another crayon, threw it, and got a spank. So, when the second time out was over, he finally came over, said he was sorry, and then helped clean up the mess he had created. WHEW. All that and he has only been awake 45 minutes or so. I won't even get into detail about him pitching a pure fit about wanting to wear his pajamas to my doctor's appt at St Thomas Hospital, I'll just say it was a battle to get them off of him. He's been "Grandma-tized."

Chloe on the other hand has not really been that bad. She has just been asking a whole lot for snacks, milk, juice, etc... Like, asking more than she normally does. And she thinks she can fall asleep on the couch now and we will carry her to bed when we go. Yeah...not gonna least not after tonight :)

Regardless of all of the traumatizing we've experienced today and the grandma-tizing the kids have experienced the past 10 days, we are very lucky and blessed to have had my wonderful mother-in-law take them so that I could have my surgery and rest and recover in a quiet home without the craziness that comes with having a 2 yr old and a 3 yr old. I am forever grateful and do totally agree that grandparents have earned the right to spoil  the grandkids rotten and then send them back home.

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