Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year was quite different for Team Blevins. We did not have our children here this year because of the surgeries I had this past week. Instead, they were with their grandparents in Georgia having a blast without us. They went to a huge neighborhood party and then went trick-or-treating afterwards. Brody called when they returned home and when I asked if he went trick-or-treating he replied, "yes...chuck-e-cheese." He kept saying that, and if you think about it, they are pretty close to the same thing. HA! Chloe also told me all about her fun experience and how she dressed up like Barbie all day long. She told me her pumpkin was full of candy but she forgot to save me a pink sucker. She was so excited. I am hoping I will have pictures to post, but I am seriously doubting David's mom will be able to upload them on her computer (love you!!! maybe your son can talk you through it - HA!) And for those reading this thinking that was rude, you have to know it's kind of a family joke that my wonderful MIL still has no idea how to get pictures from the camera to the computer. Anyways, as previously stated, Chloe was Barbie and Brody was Handy Manny.

On Saturday night we went to an adult Halloween Party with lots of our friends. The Weatherfords hosted it and it was a blast. I dressed up as the post-surgical patient - costume complete with IV holes, multiple bruises, drains, scars, and it only cost thousands to get. David was...well, just look at the pictures and you will totally know who he is.

It's none other than...COUSIN EDDIE! (from Christmas Vacation)

all he needed was a garden hose and a sign that said "shitter's full Clark." (just quoting the movie)

There were probably 15-20 couples there and out of everyone, David won funniest costume and our friends Roben and Timmy won best couples costume. They were Joy and Darnell from the show My Name Is Earl. You have to know that Timmy is a white boy dressed like a black boy with the use of makeup. He looked so much like Darnell that I did not even recognize him when we first got there. It was great. Erin was Snooki from the Jersey Shore. There were flappers, gypsies, Zoro, superheroes, other movie and TV based characters etc... Lots of fun. At first I was very unsure that I wanted to go because I wasn't feeling great, but I am so glad that I did because it made me get out of the house and have some quality time with my friends.

Darnell and Joy from My Name is Earl

Senorita, BatWoman, Taylor Swift, Joy, and a Gypsy

Joy, Gypsy, Flapper, Hip Hopper, Taylor Swift

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