Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Co-Pays, Prescriptions, Medical Bills, oh my!

Hello blogger friends. The title is just what we have lived today, but it's all okay because everyone is healthy...and the doctors' a bit richer :) I'll just run down the list by family member and will save David for last as he hasn't been to the doctor but I have a fun story to tell so... sit back, get a cup of coffee, and get ready to read.

Chloe: TURNED 4 ON MONDAY!!!! She is my big girl now. She is healthy and happy. Smarter than she should be at this age, and has an intense desire to learn and teach her brother. Her personality is hard to describe. She is witty, passionate, a leader, and a perfectionist. She has a servants heart and loves to help others who are less fortunate. She gets concerned over kids who don't have coats, the kids who won't get Christmas gifts, and the hungry people who have no food.  Developmentally, I have to brag for a second because that is what mommy's like to do from time to time.
1. She can write her name, Brody's name and my name with NO help from me.
2. She can do the 4-5 year old brainquest workbooks and flashcards with NO problems and very very little help. She told me she needed the kindergarten books.
3. She can count to 30, and knows all of her colors.
4. She know all of her letters, upper and lowercase, the sounds they all make, and is starting to sound words out.
5. She loves to color, paint, play her Leapster 2, and do crafty things
6. She also loves to play ball, ride her bike, play with dolls, dress up like a princess, and play with her brother.
7. She is my beautiful angel!!!

Brody: got his third set of ear tubes today. We are praying that these stay in longer than 4 months this time around. He did wonderful with the surgery and was back to normal within the hour. He is the sweetest little boy ever. We go for another ear check next week to make sure everything is all healed up. And just for one quick brag on him...he can spell his name if you ask him to....and if he is in the mood.

Kelly: I still have my drain from the surgery back in October. For some reason I am just not able to get rid of all of the post surgical fluid that I normally can after 1 week. It's been a challenge to dress to conceal the drain (which looks like a grenade) and to bathe everynight in the tub, but other than that, I'm okay. I do have pain and bad back spasms since they took my back muscle to create a new breast, but the pain meds work and physical therapy does wonders. I just got expanded again today and am happy to report that next week will be my final expansion on the right side. My left side is expanded to capacity. Just hoping the soreness and all that comes with expansion goes away by Friday when we have Chloe's birthday party.

David: just graduated from the Citizen's Police Academy. This is a 10 week class that he has attended and has learned so very much about the police department, what they do, what their job entails, etc... He learned about everything from gangs to homicides to simple traffic citations. He was able to go on a night-shift ride along with an officer and loved it. He also had the opportunity to go visit the prison, get voluntarily tazed (CRAZY), and learn how to drive a police car tactically. Every Tuesday night I loved it when he would get home from class so I could hear all about what he learned. Last night we went to his graduation and he won the Should Have Been  A Policeman Award. Apparently he got that because he was chosen to be the cop in this scenario they played out in class and he basically took down a for real took him down to the ground. I believe the officer presenting the award said "he whooped up on him and then pulled out the whoop ass stick." It was a wonderful night and I was so proud of my man and our Clarksville Police Dept. I will be taking the class in the spring and cannot wait to start.

Chloe will be having a birthday party Friday so there will be lots of pictures posted the next time...promise

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