Friday, November 5, 2010


Aparently, I have caused some sort of uproar over the last blog entry that I wrote. I don't want to remove it because this is my journal and diary and it is my thoughts that I choose to make public. However, I do want to apologize to anyone that took offense to it. I think, or I hoped, that people who know me also know my heart. I am not one to intentionally hurt feelings, upset people, or disrespect anyone. The last entry was written with a sense of dry humor, and was just giving a glimpse of what all of us young moms experience when our children spend any length of time with their grandparents. All of my friends talk about how hard the transistion is when the kids return from grandparent-land to parent-land again. It's nothing bad...just truth. It's one of the perks that come with being a earn the right to spoil those precious grandkids and then send them home. Especially the grandkids who live hours away that you don't see very often. They definitely deserve some spoiling...and their transistion back is definitely harder. hard feelings please. And if there were, know my heart, know my character, and know that I am not a malicious person writing hurtful things just because I feel like it.

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