Friday, October 8, 2010

Trip to NC

This past weekend, I had a wonderful opportunity to go visit my family in North Carolina. I had committed to a speaking engagement for Breast Cancer Awareness month at the church I grew up in, so last Saturday morning, the kids and I loaded up on Southwest Airlines and took off to see "Grammy and Op-Op."

The flight was fine. There was the usual brother/sister arguing, but nothing out of the ordinary...for me at least. The guy across the aisle from me chose to put earplugs in before we even took off so I just assume that he was doing it as a "preventative" measure...oh who am I kidding? He was probably thinking, "crap, I should have done early check in earlier so I could have gotten a seat away from these kids." Oh well, life is tough sometimes.

Anyways, after touching down in Raleigh, my dad picked us up and took us over to his work. He drives a truck for Golden State Foods which delivers everything to McDonalds. Brody is obsessed with "big trucks" right now so we thought it would be fun for him to be able to sit in Op-Op's big truck. Little did we know that he would get to take a spin around the building in it. He was was Chloe! Now they are convinced that Op-Op really is the coolest. They were all smiles and Brody is still talking about it.

That night, we threw my mom a 60th birthday party which was WAAAY fun as it was a total surprise to her. She had no idea that we had been planning this for well over a month or two. We had about 20 adults and the grandkids there which made for one heck of a party. It was wonderful to be able to honor my mom in this exciting way. We were also celebrating her being a 10 year cancer survivor too. She was told 10 years ago that she would live 3-5 years. Well, obviously the Lord had other plans for her and she is doing wonderfully!!

While at home, I was able to share my testimony with 2 brother's church and a group of women at my mom's church. The largest group was 94 and the smallest 50-60. I'm telling you that I never thought I would be capable of public speaking (I was the one who would turn red just asking the teacher a question in school) but I love to talk about what God has done for me so it came naturally. I was thrilled to brag on God and His provision in my life. I just pray that each and every person took something away from it that they can cherish for themselves...that God spoke to them individually.

On that Sunday after church, we took the kids to the apple orchard and let them pick apples. While there, they enjoyed real apple slushies while we rocked on the front porch of the place. It was a beautiful day and the kids really had a great time. I think they picked every apple they could reach. The next day, Chloe and my mom made an apple cobbler with the apples we brought home.

This was a fabulous trip to NC. I was able to see my older brother and his family several times. I was able to spend a good amount of time with my grandmother. And I was able to enjoy being with my mom when I wasn't feeling horrible (it seems like the last 2 years have been spent with my mom being at my house taking care of me from chemo, surgeries, etc...) It was also wonderful to spend time with my dad as I will always be daddy's little girl. It was just the perfect trip all in all.

I think my next trip though will be to Washington State to see my little brother, his wife and their sweet new baby girl, Adalynn Kadence Howell. She is 2 weeks old and I am dying to see her. She's perfectly sweet and gorgeous with strawberry blonde hair like her mommy. She actually looks JUST like her mom. I'm hoping to go around December, but I'll have to see what fares look like and how I am feeling (another surgery coming up in a  few weeks). Ooooh, I can't wait to get my hands on sweet baby Adalynn!

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