Friday, October 8, 2010

Disney On Ice 2010

Last year we started a tradition on taking the kids to see Disney On Ice every year in Nashville. So...this is year 2 and we were able to take both kids this year. We figured Brody would be old enough to sit through the whole thing, and we were right! He did great. Of course it totally helped that he LOVES Woody and Buzz Lightyear and the theme this year was Toy Story 3. Chloe also had a blast and her favorite "toys" were Barbie and "Barbie's boyfriend." As a matter of fact, she has now stated that she wants to be Barbie for Halloween and that Brody could be her "boyfriend (aka...Ken). David told her "NO!" pretty quickly. Whew...
Before the show, we met up with our friends, the Weatherfords for dinner downtown at Demos' and then we all walked over to the show together. After getting to the arena, we parted ways as our tickets were in different sections but we met up with our friends the Holders and sat with them. It was fun for all and we are excited about next years' show already.
Here are some pictures of our night on the town.

Light up spinners that cost WAY too much!

Toy Soldiers


Mr and Mrs Potato Head

T-Rex, Woody, Jessie, Potato Head

Cedric LOVING his cotton candy!

Brody and Chloe licking their suckers...again, way over priced but worth their enjoyment

Barbie and all of her friends

Family Photo Op

And SLINKY-DOG - another fave of Brody's

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