Friday, September 10, 2010


to Parent's Day Out they go!!! Yes, that's right, it's after Labor Day so my kids are back in their PDO school. May I just say that I am really and truly totally in love with the inventor of these precious 2  days each week that we moms (and dads) get 10 total hours to ourselves. Do you realize what I have been able to do in these 10 weekly hours?!?
Well, last year I was able to go to chemo and recover from each one, but this year, on Tuesdays I do all of my errand running. I grab groceries, meet up with my SEE Pink partner to discuss the breast cancer care group we run, and anything else I need to do in those 5 hours. On Thursdays however, it's a differeny story. I get my weekly tissue expander "fill-ups" on Wednesday so Thursdays are my stay home in pain and misery taking my drugs and resting for those 5 precious hours so that I can handle the hours that the kids get home until the hours that David gets home from work to take over.
And speaking of that...taking over he is! I'm so extremely proud of my man. Today, I ran into a true crisis right around 4:15. I moved a certain way on the couch and was in such extreme pain that I was reduced to sobbing. I couldn't move, I could hardly breathe, I called the nurse and told her I really thought I needed to come to the hospital for pain control, I called David and told him to SPEED home etc...You get the picture. Anyways, he went to pick up the kids from my friend Becky's house and immediately walked in, got me settled, helped me take an extra dose of muscle spasming medicine (per doctor's order - and I couldn't move to reach it until he got home), got me into a warm tub to soak and try to relax the muscles etc... In between doing all of that, he got the kids dinner cooked, had
 them fed, and well on their way to putting on jammies before I needed help again. Then he came back to get me out of the tub, dressed and comfortable on the couch. And finally, he administered all of Chloe's breathing meds, rounded up both kids and put them in bed.
I swear I think I have told him thank you and how much I appreciate him stepping in without missing a beat at least 10 times in the past 3 hours, but he just humbly says "it's no big deal, I was happy to do it." Wow do I love my man!!! He was being pulled in 18000 directions and handled it with such grace and strength.