Monday, August 9, 2010

Long Time No Post

To say the very very least, I have been super busy over the past month. I have been tied up with my two sweet babies, my husband, my church, my community group, surgery, tissue expansion on a weekly basis, and just trying to sort through this thing called life.

For starters, my sweet Brody is going to be turning 2 years old next week. This makes me extremely emotional as he is MY BABY BOY! I cannot fathom where these past 2 years have been. Well, actually I can...his first month of life he had abdominal surgery because his muscle leading from the stomach to the small instestine closed causing lots of vomiting and no nutrition, his next 3 months of life we battled milk AND soy allergies and were back and forth on medications to try to fix his stomach, and then breast cancer entered the picture literally as soon as we got Brody healthy and happy. So his first year was spent with him sick and me have surgeries, and chemo. As a matter of fact, my LAST chemo was the day before my son's first birthday. Then his second year was spent with me in radiation, doctor appointments out the wazoo, more surgeries and now tissue expansion which includes PAIN beyond anything you can even imagine. In many ways, I feel he has been cheated his whole life of a mom who can go and feel physically well enough to do things and pour into him like I did with Chloe. But in many more ways I feel like I have this very special bond with him that comes from the time we have shared just the two of us. I have been up many a night rocking him or comforting him on the couch during his teething phase. I have spent many days just soaking in the sweet dimpled grin he gives with those funny little teeth he has. I have loved him running up and kissing me for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I have almost died and gone to heaven every morning when he sleeps till 8 or later and then I hear him call "mommy, I wake now!" We just have a special bond that maybe we would not have had if I had not had to slow my life down just a little due to cancer.

Second, and lastly because I am just exhausted this evening, I am thrilled to report that my new niece or nephew will be here in just 7 short weeks! I cannot wait to get the phone call with all of the stats...namely gender, name, and that the baby is perfectly healthy as is my SIL. I'm so thrilled for them that I cannot even stand it. This is their first baby and there is just something so special about the newness of it all. Please keep them in your prayers as during the next 3 weeks, they will be packing up and moving from Ft Eglin AFB where my brother was in EOD school (learning to disarm bombs, IED's etc...) to Ft Lewis Washington - seriously long trip for a then 36 week preggo woman. Pray they make it there and get somewhat settled before baby Howell makes his/her entrance into this world.

That's it for now. New pictures coming soon. Promise

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