Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday Pictures

Well, Brody has had a very eventful 7 days! He turned 2, had 2 birthday parties - one with just the 4 of us and then a bigger one with friends, and today he had his 2 year old well check up. Lots of twos, huh?

So, here are the stats and then tons of pictures. I have decided to quit physically scrapbooking since this is my record of my kids lives so there will start being many more pictures as they will one day have these blogs that I am having printed into hard back books. And, with life as busy as mine is, there is not 1 spare moment to scrapbook the "old fashioned way."

OK - Length 35.5 inches - 80th percentile
Weight - 25 pounds - 10th percentile
Developmentally - WELL ABOVE most his age - especially his communication/speech. Of course, I love to talk, his sister loves to talk, and for that matter so does his daddy, and lots of extended family so he got it honest! He is also my fearless little daredevil. He is ALL boy...there is no fear in his life right now. He jumps off of things, climbs up onto things that should not be climbed on, hops down the stairs, goes down humongus slides, jumps into the pool whether we are there or not to catch him, etc...He is just all boy. But I must say that this little boy is most definitly for sure a mommy's boy. I could eat him up most days. He is just that sweet.
NOW - on to pictures..

August 18th, 2010

Checking out the 'big ruck" driving by

Family Celebration

Loving himself some gigantic cupcake

Sit and Spin from Chloe

Dinosaurs from Grammy and Op Op

Chloe pouting because it wasn't HER birthday

puzzle from Grammy and Op Op - Brody LOVES puzzles!

Big train and boat floor mat to play with until Santa can bring the train table

Toy Story pop up tent and tunnel

Sitting and Spinning with a little help from daddy. Brody doesn't weigh enough to do it on his own yet

Mommy and the birthday boy - if you go down to the last blog post you can see a similar pic of me and Brody on his first birthday. Amazing how much we've both changed

Birthday Party Cake


Up Close - he had a specialized "kindermusik" type party.
 So we deemed it Toddler Rock and Roll

The set-up

class beginning

Brody was a bit cranky at first - cutting 2 year molars - but got really happy once the Tylenol kicked in

Hanging with daddy

Braxton - my friend Erin's youngest who slept through MOST of the party.

Little drummer boy

Loving the parachute

looks like I'm shoving him under the parachute, huh?

Bubble Marching

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out the candle

Yummy cake

opening gifts at home

toy story baseball bat and ball from his sweet friend from school - Addy

And there were many more pictures I emailed to family through Picasa. If you did not recieve them but want them, please let me know.


Emily Doss said...

Ok I'm sooo gonna have to remember the Rock and Roll Birthday Party. LOVE IT! It looks like they had lots of fun!

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Sit and spins are awesome! The party was a really creative idea. Go Kelly.