Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July

We ventured to St Louis for a family vacation over the holiday. We only live about 4 hours from St Louis so we decided to head there and have 4 days together, alone, without distraction before the craziness of life takes over again. I'll be having major surgery next Monday so we wanted to just enjoy each other and relax. Here's what we did...

Friday - we left here around 10:30 and listened to the kids fight the entire way there. Seriously, I had to climb in the back seat 2 different times to sit in between their car seats to keep them from swatting at each other and fussing. Whew...that was a mess. When we got there though, the kids were super excited to get into the hotel room and run around. We settled in for a bit and then headed down the road to Turtle Park. It is an awesome park with really really huge turtle sculptures that the kids can climb up and play on. There were also some smaller ones for the brody-sized kids. They loved it!! Then we headed back to the hotel to eat dinner and get in the pool. My kids are both fish. They were jumping in with just arm floaties on, going under, and playing like crazy in the pool. It was so much fun. After that, we got them ice cream as a night time treat and tucked them into bed. They (and we) were exhausted.

Super worn out

Saturday - we went to the zoo this morning and may I just say that it is the BEST zoo I have ever been to. Even better than the San Diego Zoo! is totally free to get into. The exhibits were awewsome, the habitats were incredible, and the animals were super close. I have never seen such a wide variety of animals in one zoo! Brody is a huge animal lover so he was having the time of his life. Chloe liked it, but she really wanted to get back to the hotel to swim. So, after the zoo and a tad of rest, we went back to the pool but this time it was very EVENTFUL. Brody had a problem. He had a "code brown" in the pool - meaning he pooped in it!!! Before you judge, just know that he had on his Pampers Swim Diaper and a bathing suit with a heavy liner in it so there was nothing we could have done any differently. It was disgusting. Really gross. But what was the worst was having to tell the other family in the pool with their young kids what ours had done. No wait, you know what was grosser than that? They didn't even get out of the pool. They swam in that crap literally! David also informed the hotel front desk people which totally sent them into a tizzy with having to decide if they were going to shut the pool down or not. Ummm, my answer would have been yes - shut it down now - and clean it!!! Anyways, I don't know what they ended up doing that night, but I do know that the next morning there were people swimming in it. After all that occured, we were exhausted and ready for bed.

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Brody trying to catch the birds while we snacked

Loving the fish

This sign just shocked me first of all, and then made me think of how my kids acted on the way to vacation- HA!

Done with animals

But never too tired for mommy! Oh how I love my sweet son!!!

Sunday - we got up this morning and went downtown to the Arch. There were holiday festivities going on with air shows, event tents set up etc... We did not get to go up in the arch because the lines were way too long, but we decided that was okay because we have both been up in it and the kids won't remember doing it this year anyways. We'll just go back and do it another time. After spending 2 hours there, we ventured over to City Museum. There is no way to really explain how awesome this place is for adults and kids. It was a HUGE old factory, 10 stories high full tunnels, climbing exhibits, toddler areas, outdoor and indoor HUGE slides, circuses, indoor skate park that you didn't need skates for, etc... Just check out this link and see for yourself what it is. David and I want to go back without the kids sometime to do all of the things. Chloe was a bit timid so she didn't want to do a lot of thigns, but Brody, well he was our fearless leader. He climbed up and through things that I was in total shock over. He LOVED it! After doing that for 4 hours, we went back to the hotel and rested up before fireworks. We ended up going to a small suburb of St Louis to a family friendly carnival and amazing firework display. It was so much fun. We rode rides, ate funnel cake, played carnie games, etc... Then we grabbed a seat close to our car for the fireworks.

underneath the arch looking up

in the museum at the arch is an amazing baseball display and this was one of my favorite pieces

enjoying a 7-Up at the carnival

spinning hot air balloons for me and my girl - LOVE THIS RIDE...she was very unsure in this pic

Fishing for prizes - she and Brody ended up winning 5 or 6 pieces of junk - I mean really cute toys!

I thought this was a really amazing pic. I turned my camera on lo-light shoot and this was what happened when I took a pic of the fireworks. Pretty cool, huh?

Monday - we had to leave. I was bummed because there was soooo much more we could have done while there if we had had about 4 more days. We could have done the Science Center, a Cardinals ballgame, the Arch tour, the Magic House for Kids, and more. We will for sure be going back to Missouri hopefully in the fall and will try to catch a Rams game

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Cute Babies

Although Brody will be 2 next month and Chloe is 3.5, I still consider them both my babies. Maybe one day I will start calling them my little girl and little boy, but for now, they are still my babies. Here are a few pictures.

My rocker girl!

Gangsta Brody. Actually, he is the new version of "Rev Run!!!"

This is what happened when I let Brody eat his dessert without me being present. He fingerpainted with his pudding. Lovely!!

I could eat these two up they are so adorable.