Monday, June 21, 2010

Just An Array of Things

First, I must say that I was too busy yesterday celebrating David that I totally did not have time to get on here and share all of the wonderful things about him with the rest of you.  David is a wonderful father to our two babies! Not only does he love on them every second that he's with them, but he also teaches them many things that I bet he doesn't even know he's teaching them. Let me explain: he volunteers at church EVERY single Sunday (teaching them to serve others), he goes to work every single day and runs a very successful business (teaching them an amazing work ethic), he tucks them into bed most nights saying prayers with them (teaching them to talk to God about anything and thank him for everything), he plays with them a lot (teaching them that no matter how busy life is that his kids are a priority), and last but not least, he shows them how to treat a future spouse by the way that he loves on and supports me. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is, but I'll spare you any more bragging on my hubs. All I know is that I am proud to be his wife and best friend and excited to do this thing called life with him!

Second, this has been one of the craziest days EVER! My children have been at each other's throats ALL DAY LONG! And of course it always starts when I get on the phone. SERIOUSLY...if you are gonna fight, do it when I am not talking to a doctor or nurse about results, appointments etc...., or when I am not talking to a friend and mentor about trying to live out the fruits of the Holy Spirit. When those moments happen, I am SO NOT living them out!!! Instead, I'm irritated, aggravated, and well, you get the point. Especially you other moms! I think my kids see the phone as their chance to let all h*ll break loose because they know they can get away with a bit more. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. I was on the phone with my friend Kelly and I hear screaming from Chloe - she was yelling for Brody to stop. This is a normal thing, so I didn't feel the need to rush in there. As the screaming escalated though, I went in to find Brody trying to pin her down on the couch and sit on top of her. DRAMA!!! And that was just one 10 minute part of my day. Whew!

Third, I have some sweet pictures of these "angels" I just described above that will make you think how in the world could those sweet kids cause any trouble ever? You may even think I am making it all up. However rest assured that these angels can be angels with horns!!!

And finally, I am getting ready to add a link on my blog for the Race for the Cure. This is a race that has become near and dear to our hearts as all of the money goes to breast cancer research and I believe 80% of it stays in middle TN. Please pray about donating to this cause! Last year we set a goal of $1000 and came very very close to that goal. This year, we are setting it for $1500 and going on faith that we can get this much raised. Since I was diagnosed at age 31 last year, I have had a friend die at age 34 of breast cancer, another friend diagnosed at age 35, and an aquaintance die of this disease at age 32. There MUST be a cure in our lifetime. There has to be!!! 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Think about your neighbors. If you have 8 people on your street, you could be the one!

Much love to each of you from the team Blevins!

story time before bedtime

Sweetness in a blanket

Seriously, could my baby boy be any sweeter?

My Girl!!!

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