Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Baby Ducks

My kids absolutely love being outside. They can play for hours with sidewalk chalk, their bikes, balls, swingset, etc... but of course their favorite thing in the 95-100 degree weather we have had for the past few weeks has been the $12 pool I got for them at K-Mart. They even got creative and wanted Brody's little plastic slide in the pool so they could slide into it. So here are some pictures of the kids playing in the pool yesterday evening. They had a blast!!!

Summer, swimming, and sonic slushies - the 3 S's for the Blevins family

I don't remember what he was thinking about doing, but check out that sly look in his eyes

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just An Array of Things

First, I must say that I was too busy yesterday celebrating David that I totally did not have time to get on here and share all of the wonderful things about him with the rest of you.  David is a wonderful father to our two babies! Not only does he love on them every second that he's with them, but he also teaches them many things that I bet he doesn't even know he's teaching them. Let me explain: he volunteers at church EVERY single Sunday (teaching them to serve others), he goes to work every single day and runs a very successful business (teaching them an amazing work ethic), he tucks them into bed most nights saying prayers with them (teaching them to talk to God about anything and thank him for everything), he plays with them a lot (teaching them that no matter how busy life is that his kids are a priority), and last but not least, he shows them how to treat a future spouse by the way that he loves on and supports me. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is, but I'll spare you any more bragging on my hubs. All I know is that I am proud to be his wife and best friend and excited to do this thing called life with him!

Second, this has been one of the craziest days EVER! My children have been at each other's throats ALL DAY LONG! And of course it always starts when I get on the phone. SERIOUSLY...if you are gonna fight, do it when I am not talking to a doctor or nurse about results, appointments etc...., or when I am not talking to a friend and mentor about trying to live out the fruits of the Holy Spirit. When those moments happen, I am SO NOT living them out!!! Instead, I'm irritated, aggravated, and well, you get the point. Especially you other moms! I think my kids see the phone as their chance to let all h*ll break loose because they know they can get away with a bit more. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. I was on the phone with my friend Kelly and I hear screaming from Chloe - she was yelling for Brody to stop. This is a normal thing, so I didn't feel the need to rush in there. As the screaming escalated though, I went in to find Brody trying to pin her down on the couch and sit on top of her. DRAMA!!! And that was just one 10 minute part of my day. Whew!

Third, I have some sweet pictures of these "angels" I just described above that will make you think how in the world could those sweet kids cause any trouble ever? You may even think I am making it all up. However rest assured that these angels can be angels with horns!!!

And finally, I am getting ready to add a link on my blog for the Race for the Cure. This is a race that has become near and dear to our hearts as all of the money goes to breast cancer research and I believe 80% of it stays in middle TN. Please pray about donating to this cause! Last year we set a goal of $1000 and came very very close to that goal. This year, we are setting it for $1500 and going on faith that we can get this much raised. Since I was diagnosed at age 31 last year, I have had a friend die at age 34 of breast cancer, another friend diagnosed at age 35, and an aquaintance die of this disease at age 32. There MUST be a cure in our lifetime. There has to be!!! 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Think about your neighbors. If you have 8 people on your street, you could be the one!

Much love to each of you from the team Blevins!

story time before bedtime

Sweetness in a blanket

Seriously, could my baby boy be any sweeter?

My Girl!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sous Chef Brody

Brody finally had his first sous chef experience in the kitchen last week. He didn't really care a whole lot about it, but parts of it were right up his alley. The pictures will tell...
Anyways, we made a breakfast for dinner consisting of hashbrown casserole, yeast roles, and eggs. I let him help with the casserole and this is how it went:

Adding the cheese to the casserole

Starting to mix the ingredients

Forget the spoon...I'll use my hands instead

Mad that he had to crush the crackers for the topping instead of being able to eat them

And when I wasn't paying attention, this is what he did to the UNCOOKED
yeast rolls. Yes, they are frozen at this time. GROSS!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cruising the Carribean

So this past week was one of the BEST weeks of my life. Well, at least one of the bests. David and I set out last Thursday to drop the kids off in NC with my parents and set sail on the newest Royal Carribean cruise ship...The Oasis of the Seas. It was phenomenal!!! Our first cruise ever but definitly NOT the last. I'll just give a day by day play, and if that's too much, just skip to Wednesday because THAT is a story you don't want to miss. Oh, and most of these days are just emails I sent to the kids each day that we were gone so if it sounds like it was written to a child, that's because it was :)

The Oasis of the Seas

The balcony view off of our room.

SUNDAY: Well, it's day 2 at sea and we are having a wonderful time. This boat is the biggest boat in the world and we are definitly convinced of that. It's a very LONG walk from one end to the other. Today we were in the Bahamas for 1/2 of the day. It was REALLY hot and quite miserable. We shopped around (Chloe, we got you a present) and then headed back to the boat. After getting back and eating, we got into our bathing suits and hit the pools with our friends. They have LOTS of pools on this boat and a really neat kiddie pool where all of the kids are playing and splashing around. Then after that, I came back to read and do my Bible study and daddy went to the game room to play cards. He sat at the same table as Truett Cathy's grandsons!!! (his future bosses). I told him that he better not take their money and he just laughed!

Family band

Just a hysterical sign : especially the No thugs, etc....

This man was cleaning and selling conch shells and starfish from his boat.

The view from our balcony when we docked in Nassau

MONDAY:  Today is day 3 at sea. We have had some rain and distant thunderstorms today so the boat has been rocking a bit. Until this morning, we hadn't felt it at all, but we can tell we are moving today. It's not that bad though...we are just aware of it.
Today has been a great day. We started this morning off by attending a devotion led by Dan Cathy. It was about being a storyteller and was from the book of Joshua. After that, we had individual pictures made with Dan and then I headed to my hair appt. I ended up getting it shaped up and some highlights put in it. I'm going to have to get used to the highlights, but the girls on the boat are loving it and say it brightens my face. I just hope the color tones down a bit :)
After my hair appt, I went shopping a little and then met up with friends and went to the Broadway performance of HAIRSPRAY! It was awesome and I know you would have loved it Chloe. Tons of singing and dancing! After that, I went to watch daddy play in a volleyball tournament with some other CFA guys...namely the Cathy grandsons. While watching, I chatted up their wives and they are truly delightful! LOVED getting to know them.
Now, we are getting ready to go to dinner, then we are going to be going to the game room to play cards and to the theater to watch and/or participate in the Love and Marriage Game that they are hosting.
Oh, daddy won lots more money in the game room this morning!!! He is having so much fun too!
And...I forgot to tell you that they have a store on the boat called The Cupcake Cupboard! It is soooooo yummy (but not like a GiGi's!). I think I am going to take a cupcake decorating class later this week.

We had a formal dinner on this night. Ben Prine, David, and Matt Pennington all dressed up! Aren't they handsome?

Our friends: Ben and Christina Prine, Us, and Brittnye and Matt Pennington

TUESDAY: Today is day 4 at sea. We stopped in St Thomas today and boy was it beautiful! The ocean is the bluest water I have ever seen and speaking of water, daddy and I went on another boat called a catamaran and went snorkeling. We saw the prettiest fish ever! Do you know that we even saw a fish called a trumpet fish and one called a cow fish?!? That's pretty silly, huh? I saw today how absolutely amazing God's imagination is. He didn't just make 10 different kinds of fish, but thousands of different kinds. Pretty neat, huh?

After snorkeling, we went shopping in the downtown markets of the island and had lunch there. We were going to try eating goat, but daddy chickened out. HA! So instead we ate shrimp, fried plantains, and macaroni. It was pretty good. Chloe, there is sooooooo much beautiful jewelry here and perfect pink jewels. Everytime I look at them I think about how much you and I would love to shop here together.

The first thing we saw in St Thomas was this massive iguana just hanging out by the port.

After snorkeling all morning, we went to a local restaurant to try to local food. This was me trying to beg and sweet talk David into trying Mutton - aka goat! It didn't work :(

WEDNESDAY: Well, today (Wed) is day 5 at sea. It has definitly been THE most interesting day so far and soooooo not my type of day. We docked in St. Maarten this morning and started our day off by going to do the Laramie Tree Top Tour. Basically, we got strapped into harnesses, climbed trees, went across scary rope bridges, scary high wire things, and zip lines. We had no guide so daddy took the lead and he is really good! I on the other hand was scared out of my mind. I kept telling myself our verse "do not be afraid for I am with you." I finished about 95% of the course and then found a ladder and got the heck out of those trees. It took about 2 hours.
After that, we went into downtown and the beach front. That was fun. Daddy bought me a 14 Karat white gold ring with a 2 karat peridot and 1/4 Karat diamonds. It is beautiful and exactly what I have been wanting since we went to Mexico last year. Lots of cheap amazing jewels here Chloe. When you get big, you will have to come here with me...girls' trip!!!
While me and my friend Christina were shopping, Daddy and his friend Ben went to rest. They told us where they would be BUT when we went to find them (about 45 minutes later) they were NOT there!!! We searched ALL over that dang island for those boys! We ran up and down the street yelling their names and trying to find them. We had to be on the boat in 1 hour and still had to take a water taxi to get back to the boat. So this continued for 45 minutes and we finally just got on the water taxi without them and prayed that they would do the same and meet us at security. BUT THEN I realized that daddy had MY passport and MY cruise ID so I wasn't going to be able to get back on the ship unless I found him. I was scared out of my mind...again. So i started praying like crazy! We got back to our dock and we saw Ben, but not daddy! He said daddy had gotten on the boat to look for us and had no idea that he had my ID's. So I started crying and sobbing so the security guard let me through the first security gate and told me to just tell my story to the other 2 security gates. After I got through the first gate and rounded the corner, there stood daddy!!!!! I have never been more happy to see him. I just knew I was going to be stranded on St Maarten with no ID and no way to get back to you and Brody. Thankfully, we are now on the boat and won't get off again until we get to Florida on Saturday morning.

St Maarten - this was the French side of the island. Look at that amazing blue water.

And this was some of the homes on the dutch side of the island. So wish I had one!

THURSDAY and FRIDAY: these were days we were at sea and spent them just relaxing by the pools, shopping on the boat, and hanging out with our friends.  We docked back in Florida on Saturday morning and were reunited with our kids that evening. We were not able to talk to them on the phone at all while we were gone and that was SO hard! However, on the 11 hour ride back to TN on Sunday, we had plenty of talk time and made up for the week of being apart ;)

On the boardwalk of the ship.

My handsome hubbs

The water show in the Aqua Theater

Carousel on the boardwalk

Our group again on the farewell reception night

And because I think he is totally last pic of David

Here are a few facts about the Oasis - VERY INTERESTING -
Ship Highlights
Guest Capacity: 5,400 double occupancy
Gross Tonnage: 220,000
Staterooms: 2,700
Decks: 16 high
7 distinctly designed neighborhoods including:
Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness
Sports Zone
H2O Zone aqua park for kids
4 pools and 10 whirlpools
tranquil poolside Solarium area
2 Flowriders®, sports courts, mini-golf and Zip line
Entertainment Place
Casino Royale
Studio B, featuring ice shows
Opal Theater - 1,380-seat venue
Blaze Nightclub, Jazz on 4, Comedy Live
Dazzles, featuring musical spectacles ranging from big band to disco
Youth Zone
Play - open gym and activity area
Adventure Ocean Theater and Science Lab
The Workshop - includes activities such as jewelry making & scrapbooking
Royal Babies & Royal Tots - nursery service
Teen Areas including Fuel disco, The Living Room lounge, the Back Deck and more