Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Week!

So this week has been extremely busy for the Blevins Family. The kids' parents day out program was out both days because the school system was closed due to the flood. So....that meant I had to get creative and find things for us to do ALL WEEK LONG! We spent lots of time outside with friends, having picnic lunches on the deck, playing at un-flooded parks, running errands, and of course going to the pediatrician. Oh, and how could I forget our trip to the pool today and our trip to the fountains.
Seriously, this has been a fun fun week. I told David tonight that even though the chores and house have been kept up, and I've made really yummy "clean eating" meals 4 nights this week, I feel like I haven't really done much. I think it's because I have thoroughly enjoyed my kidlets so much! They have got to be the funniest little peeps ever. The things that they ask and say are just too much for my soul to bear sometimes.
So...enough talking and on to the pictures and videos. Enjoy!

Snacking before he starts playing. Gotta have that energy.

Speed Demon!!

Brody behind the wheel!

What goes up must come down.

The kids pretending to be pirates on a boat.

Picking flowers. Isn't she the cutest???

Our day at the fountains at Indian Lakes with friends Natasha and Cedric

Too bad they weren't on due to the flood and water conservation measures :(

Brody loves his "pop-pops"

And finally...this is the best Mother's day picture that David could capture. Hey, at least this year I have hair - the curly fro that it is!


6L's said...

look at you with all that curly hair!!! wow, how lucky are you!? great job on the 'clean meals' and a fun week......a little taste of summmer! :)

Kimberly and Jordan said...

I'm enjoying all the pictures. Wow your hair really, really took off. It looks great!

Kelly said...

I know Kim. I'm still searching for the perfect product for it. Seriously it is so thick and curly that the least bit of humidity turns it into an afro!

MOM said...

You are beautiful!!!