Monday, May 24, 2010

Strawberries and Dancing

I have some fun pics and videos to share of the kids. This past Wednesday we went strawberry picking at H&S Farms which was a really fun time! Last year when I took the kids, I went a few days after a really rough chemo treatment, when Brody was maybe only 9 months old and immobile and Chloe wasn't really old enough to understand picking strawberries. It was an OK time, but nothing compared to this year's trip. Brody and Chloe were both walking up and down the rows picking their own berries, eating a few along the way, and showing me everything they picked. They were both so excited and that made my heart smile so big. Chloe told me that God made the strawberries and that he made us able to pick them. But then she sort of "ruined" the sweet moment by saying that she could plant strawberries and they would be better than God's. Oh well. Then I happened to look over at Brody who decided that he was done with strawberries and he was throwing them out of his basket one by one. So, I grabbed the camera and taped that too. Enjoy the movies and pics. Much love to all of you.

H&S Farms is abut 20 minutes from our house. It's pretty amazing that it is a century old farm.

Brotherly/Sisterly love

FRIENDS : Chloe, Zoe, Lawson, and Brody

And as far as videos go...I cannot get them to upload after 4 days of trying. I'll keep working on it and maybe it will work soon. FRUSTRATING!

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