Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today was a very eventful day that I did not foresee happening the way it did, BUT am very glad that it did. The kids and I set out this morning with our good friend Lynne to visit the memorial sites of some of her and her husband's friends who were killed in action in Iraq.  We went onto Ft Campbell's post to the memorial field for the 5th Group (Special Forces).  Here, they have planted trees in honor of each fallen soldier and there is a name plaque in front of each tree. It is a very sobering and humbling experience to stand in front of these trees and know that they symbolize a loss of life. Woody, Lynne's husband is also in the 5th group and is currently stationed in Iraq. Please pray for his safe return to the states in the next month or so.

Lynne and Chloe placing a flag at Jason's tree

The name plaque.

Another tree had a John Deere tractor hanging from it that my children were drawn to

Reading/looking at a plaque

Chloe swinging on some of the ropes that they have in their training area.

And Brody almost getting nailed by the big swinging ropes

So after paying our respects and looking around the memorial field, we decided to head to the PX and do a bit of shopping. Brody ended up with 2 new passies because I left his at home (purchase out of desperation) and then we hit up the Baskin Robbins for a special treat for everyone. That was fun!

Taking the paper off of the cone so he could enjoy his treat!


Then after we left Ft Campbell, we headed to Chick-fil-A for their new spicy chicken sandwich. However, we had to go through the drive thru because we had promised a park excursion to the kids too. So, we got our food and headed to the park. They had a blast!!! As did Lynne and I. It was just so much fun today. After that, we went home and I put Brody to bed for his nap while Chloe and I worked on her writing skills. We did shapes today and she did great drawing all of her shapes.Ask her what her favorite shape is and she will quickly tell you "diamond." DEFINITELY has good taste!!! Then, she helped me cook dinner and bake some bread (recipe will be on my healthy recipe blog so check it out). After all of that and cleaning up the kitchen, I bathed the kids, played a bit more, read books and shoved ...uhhh, I mean tucked them into bed while kissing their sweet cheeks goodnight!
Now, I'm off to bed so that we can hit the gym and pool in the morning. Then the plan is to come home to start packing for our cruise, take Brody for a haircut, and then go with David to Kohl's to shop for "cruise clothes."
Goodnight sweet friends and family!

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RunnerMom said...

What a great way to show them the real meaning of Memorial Day.

I'm so glad you are doing the 1/2! There is an interest meeting next Monday night. You can sign up any time this week at the Y after the 15th. (I'd call first.) Marida Millican is the contact person. Linda Rudolph, too.