Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel With Horns (aka Brody)

WHAT in this world has happened to this sweet little angel boy of mine? My super affectionate and loving little boy? How could this child in what seems like just a week's time turn from angel to angel with horns?

I'm telling you that these past 2 days have especially been trying! He's told me (actually "yelled" would be a better word) "NO!" many many many times each day. If I tell him not to throw, he throws. When I tell him to stop hitting, he hits more and then laughs. When he gets in trouble for doing something to Chloe and I tell him to say he's sorry, he cuts his eyes at me and then turns his head. When I tell him no to a snack or juice, he literally screams at me and lays on the floor kicking. I'm telling you that I am at my wits end with this behavior.
So....to the parents of little boys (past or present), tell me this. Is it normal for them to want to throw everything? Is it normal for them to aggravate their siblings to NO END? Is it normal that my sweet little boy, when I ask him for a smooch, tells me "no...fist bump mommy" (and I blame this on my brother who taught him how to do fist bumps...thanks Jordan!). THIS behavior is absolutely exhausting. I KNOW that he is trying to establish control over some area of his little 21 month old life, but I also have to make sure that he knows that disobedience is NOT okay, and that there are some things that we do NOT tolerate. UGH!!!
I have looked back at the blog to see what behavior problems Chloe was having around this age, and she was a temper throw-er as well, but this just seems worse for whatever reason.
So, any advice you mama's could offer would be much appreciated. And any encouragement that you can offer in regards to what is normal for little boys is also very much welcomed.


6L's said...

having 3 kids older and just having had a parenting class on child development, i can tell you with surety that this is normal. :) age 1-3 they are trying to figure out self control and willpower....the child will want self power. he needs to feel capable to make his own decisions during this phase. give him 2 choices and let him decide. pratice using as soon as....then....statements (ex: AS SOON AS you apologize for hurting mommy, THEN you can have a hug). hang in there! this too shall pass! ((HUGS)) i'm thinking i am going to add all my parenting class links on my side bar as a quick reference...for others and myself, lol! :)

Jordan said...

You could beat him....