Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today was a very eventful day that I did not foresee happening the way it did, BUT am very glad that it did. The kids and I set out this morning with our good friend Lynne to visit the memorial sites of some of her and her husband's friends who were killed in action in Iraq.  We went onto Ft Campbell's post to the memorial field for the 5th Group (Special Forces).  Here, they have planted trees in honor of each fallen soldier and there is a name plaque in front of each tree. It is a very sobering and humbling experience to stand in front of these trees and know that they symbolize a loss of life. Woody, Lynne's husband is also in the 5th group and is currently stationed in Iraq. Please pray for his safe return to the states in the next month or so.

Lynne and Chloe placing a flag at Jason's tree

The name plaque.

Another tree had a John Deere tractor hanging from it that my children were drawn to

Reading/looking at a plaque

Chloe swinging on some of the ropes that they have in their training area.

And Brody almost getting nailed by the big swinging ropes

So after paying our respects and looking around the memorial field, we decided to head to the PX and do a bit of shopping. Brody ended up with 2 new passies because I left his at home (purchase out of desperation) and then we hit up the Baskin Robbins for a special treat for everyone. That was fun!

Taking the paper off of the cone so he could enjoy his treat!


Then after we left Ft Campbell, we headed to Chick-fil-A for their new spicy chicken sandwich. However, we had to go through the drive thru because we had promised a park excursion to the kids too. So, we got our food and headed to the park. They had a blast!!! As did Lynne and I. It was just so much fun today. After that, we went home and I put Brody to bed for his nap while Chloe and I worked on her writing skills. We did shapes today and she did great drawing all of her shapes.Ask her what her favorite shape is and she will quickly tell you "diamond." DEFINITELY has good taste!!! Then, she helped me cook dinner and bake some bread (recipe will be on my healthy recipe blog so check it out). After all of that and cleaning up the kitchen, I bathed the kids, played a bit more, read books and shoved ...uhhh, I mean tucked them into bed while kissing their sweet cheeks goodnight!
Now, I'm off to bed so that we can hit the gym and pool in the morning. Then the plan is to come home to start packing for our cruise, take Brody for a haircut, and then go with David to Kohl's to shop for "cruise clothes."
Goodnight sweet friends and family!

Friday, May 28, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Just a warning...there are lots of pictures with this post. Grandparents, I know this will make you all happy!!!

The first set is Chloe in her new apron. She received this as a "Friday Treat." She has a chore chart that she does every day. At the end of the week, we add up how many stars she has earned and she gets a dime for each star. The money she gets then goes into a "savings bank, piggy bank, and God's money bank." BUT, she can earn bonuses for helping me out around the house, being extra polite, saying or doing kind things for others, etc... These bonuses earn her the "Friday treats." So, she got an apron last week and we decided to make muffins with our freshly picked strawberries the next day. Here are some pics...

Putting the muffin mix in the bowl

Pouring in the milk

Next come the strawberries she picked

And finally a pose with the apron

The next pictures are of us at the fountain downtown after we had visited the public square farmers market. We definitely had a great time here!

Just starting to play

Cassidy and Chloe. We've known Cassidy and her family for about 3 years now and their
 friendship has been a blessing to our family.

Brody playing with the actual water sprayers. I turned my back and he
 had turned the sprayers out so they were spraying the sidewalk...and him!

Whole new meaning to "drinking out of the water fountain."

The final pictures are of the kids with their good friends.

Chloe, Brody, Sydney, and Kirk
They were all eating popsicles and watching a movie. And all of them wanted
 to sit on the coffee table to do so.

Chloe and Zoe eating popsicles while dressed as princesses

Chloe and Zoe "taking a  nap" in Chloe's bed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel With Horns (aka Brody)

WHAT in this world has happened to this sweet little angel boy of mine? My super affectionate and loving little boy? How could this child in what seems like just a week's time turn from angel to angel with horns?

I'm telling you that these past 2 days have especially been trying! He's told me (actually "yelled" would be a better word) "NO!" many many many times each day. If I tell him not to throw, he throws. When I tell him to stop hitting, he hits more and then laughs. When he gets in trouble for doing something to Chloe and I tell him to say he's sorry, he cuts his eyes at me and then turns his head. When I tell him no to a snack or juice, he literally screams at me and lays on the floor kicking. I'm telling you that I am at my wits end with this behavior. the parents of little boys (past or present), tell me this. Is it normal for them to want to throw everything? Is it normal for them to aggravate their siblings to NO END? Is it normal that my sweet little boy, when I ask him for a smooch, tells me "no...fist bump mommy" (and I blame this on my brother who taught him how to do fist bumps...thanks Jordan!). THIS behavior is absolutely exhausting. I KNOW that he is trying to establish control over some area of his little 21 month old life, but I also have to make sure that he knows that disobedience is NOT okay, and that there are some things that we do NOT tolerate. UGH!!!
I have looked back at the blog to see what behavior problems Chloe was having around this age, and she was a temper throw-er as well, but this just seems worse for whatever reason.
So, any advice you mama's could offer would be much appreciated. And any encouragement that you can offer in regards to what is normal for little boys is also very much welcomed.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Strawberries and Dancing

I have some fun pics and videos to share of the kids. This past Wednesday we went strawberry picking at H&S Farms which was a really fun time! Last year when I took the kids, I went a few days after a really rough chemo treatment, when Brody was maybe only 9 months old and immobile and Chloe wasn't really old enough to understand picking strawberries. It was an OK time, but nothing compared to this year's trip. Brody and Chloe were both walking up and down the rows picking their own berries, eating a few along the way, and showing me everything they picked. They were both so excited and that made my heart smile so big. Chloe told me that God made the strawberries and that he made us able to pick them. But then she sort of "ruined" the sweet moment by saying that she could plant strawberries and they would be better than God's. Oh well. Then I happened to look over at Brody who decided that he was done with strawberries and he was throwing them out of his basket one by one. So, I grabbed the camera and taped that too. Enjoy the movies and pics. Much love to all of you.

H&S Farms is abut 20 minutes from our house. It's pretty amazing that it is a century old farm.

Brotherly/Sisterly love

FRIENDS : Chloe, Zoe, Lawson, and Brody

And as far as videos go...I cannot get them to upload after 4 days of trying. I'll keep working on it and maybe it will work soon. FRUSTRATING!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again

JAZZ ON THE LAWN!! This is one of my most favorite things to do in the spring and summer here in Clarksville. We have an award winning winery here that hosts different bands every other weekend out on the lawn of the winery and people come from all over to enjoy it. There have been up to 5000 people there before but if I had to guess, I would say that a normal number would be 2000??? Anyways, people bring their picnic blankets, food, snacks, chairs, etc... and literally set up camp for hours on end. You get to know the people around you because everyone there is friendly. The kids get to dance, laugh, run around, and get filthy. It is just an amazing time! If you ever come to Clarksville to visit us during this time of year, please make sure we take you. You won't regret it.

Here are some pictures of the first Jazz this year which was last weekend. We took the kids, met up with some friends, and had a blast.

Glow stick necklace and bracelets are always a HUGE hit!

Amazed by the glow stick

This was Brody's goal all night...he couldn't have the wine so he would have the baby equivalent...Diet Mtn Dew

dancing around

The crowd just in our little section

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Busy Schedules

I am just now realizing how crazy schedules become once your children reach the age that they are active in sports, camps, etc... I just can't believe though that it has started for Chloe at 3 years old. And that next summer, Brody will also be involved in them too. WHEW....better try to find a moment or few of rests before then. Today was Chloe's first T-Ball practice. Her league is 3 and 4 year olds and her team (The Little Giants) is comprised of 8 boys and 2 girls. May I just say that Chloe has some sort of raw talent when it comes to throwing and batting. She actually does better when being pitched to, but I don't think that's allowed until 5 year old T-ball. She is so stinking cute on that field. In the video of her running bases you will notice that she sort of skips instead of running the whole time. She also had her time of playing in the dirt, whining about not having a pink helmet to wear to match her pink bat, and having no clue how to do jumping jacks so she just stood there looking around aimlessly. If nothing else, this will be a VERY entertaining season.

So tomorrow, we trade in the athletic shoes, pink bat and glove, and dirt stained socks for the pink tights, black leotard, pink tutu and ballerina slippers...YES - tomorrow is dance class.


Chloe and Sylas skipping around the field

Much needed water break!

Hopping onto first base!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Week!

So this week has been extremely busy for the Blevins Family. The kids' parents day out program was out both days because the school system was closed due to the flood. So....that meant I had to get creative and find things for us to do ALL WEEK LONG! We spent lots of time outside with friends, having picnic lunches on the deck, playing at un-flooded parks, running errands, and of course going to the pediatrician. Oh, and how could I forget our trip to the pool today and our trip to the fountains.
Seriously, this has been a fun fun week. I told David tonight that even though the chores and house have been kept up, and I've made really yummy "clean eating" meals 4 nights this week, I feel like I haven't really done much. I think it's because I have thoroughly enjoyed my kidlets so much! They have got to be the funniest little peeps ever. The things that they ask and say are just too much for my soul to bear sometimes.
So...enough talking and on to the pictures and videos. Enjoy!

Snacking before he starts playing. Gotta have that energy.

Speed Demon!!

Brody behind the wheel!

What goes up must come down.

The kids pretending to be pirates on a boat.

Picking flowers. Isn't she the cutest???

Our day at the fountains at Indian Lakes with friends Natasha and Cedric

Too bad they weren't on due to the flood and water conservation measures :(

Brody loves his "pop-pops"

And finally...this is the best Mother's day picture that David could capture. Hey, at least this year I have hair - the curly fro that it is!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Devastation in Clarksville

Before I get into the outdoor adventures we have been having lately, let me first say that I am so excited. I cannot believe that I have not announced this on my blog yet...I am going to have a new niece or nephew in September!!! Yep, that's right, my younger brother Jordan and his wifey Kim are expecting. She is almost 20 weeks and had her ultrasound yesterday. Baby looks great and they were able to get great pictures. And for fun, they decided to NOT find out the gender. I'm thinking girl, Chloe is thinking girl, and I think Kim is thinking girl. We'll see though. All I can say is that when 5 of us were pregnant at the same time 2 years ago, I correctly guessed gender with 4 of us.

Now, on to what's been happening here. I'm a little irritated that Clarksville has seemingly been forgotten for the most part on the news in regards to this devastating flood. I have now experienced 2 floods in my life and this is definitly the worst. I was actually scared this time. The Cumberland River and Red River in Clarksville were the 2 rivers that flooded the city. Riverside Drive is still under water. Businesses are ruined as water went all the way across the road and covered up 2 and 3 story buildings and then went 50 feet beyond the businesses. Homes and cars are completely submerged. People have been living in shelters at several churches in the city. Many many roads were closed but a few have opened back up. Downtown was shut down essentially and I am not sure if it has re-opened or not. If you wanted to leave my neighborhood road, you could not turn right because of the Red River flooding just a few miles away. Deaths have occured in Clarksville due to the flooding. It's all just overwhelming and sad. The news is depressing. Opryland Hotel and Mall are both submerged underwater. The news reported this morning that the mall is still neck deep with water. This is only 40 minutes away. Please pray for my city...I love it here, it is home, and I hurt for those people who have been displaced and whose businesses have been affected. Many of them are our friends.
Now... here is a picture of Riverside Drive on the 2nd day of rain...out of 3 straight rain days.

In case the writing is too small, the top building is Two Rivers Mall, then Taco Bell,
 Humane Society and then McDonalds. (I stole this from a friend's blog so thanks a bunch to KB!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Without Further Ado...PIX!

Check out those baby blues!

Practicing at home


Our azaleas have bloomed so pretty this year

This is what Brody does during Chloe's dance lessons

Chloe jumping in Brody's crib

At the zoo with our friends Natasha and Ced. I was too lazy to take Brody out of his stroller for the pic

There really are elephants against the rock back there

Brody's favorite...the "rafs!"

Enjoying their dipping dot ice creams

Look at me mom!

"I like your shirt Chloe"

Silly face