Thursday, April 29, 2010

Way Too Long

Sheeesh, who goes a month in between blog posts? Not me! OK, well it happened this month, but I have great reasons why, and lots of things to catch up on. The short version of what has kept me from blogging is that my camera has broken and is not fixable. I hate posting on this family blog without having adorable pics of my kiddies to go along with it. HOWEVER...I now have a brand new awesome, amazing camera so that problem has been solved (but there won't be pics with this post because I need to read the manual first). Another thing that has kept me busy, besides my 1 and 3 year old, is that we had the moms here and I kept busy with them. It has been so nice to have family here again. My mom was here from April 1-10 and my MIL came April 16-26. Both visits were wonderful and the kids had a blast. Now they are even more spoiled though and I am having to bring them off of Grammy and Grammom highs. Pray for me!

Upcoming things for us...
1. Chloe starts 3-4 year old T-ball next week. Can't wait to see all the little ones playing. I imagine that most time in the outfield will be spent watching butterflies, picking noses, and throwing dirt. Should be entertaining.

2. Chloe wraps up dance but will be going to dance camp this summer.

3. Parents Day Out will be ending next month. Boooo!!!

4. Brody will start taking mommy and me class at gymnastics. It's so fun! They do obstacle courses, jump on trampolines and do little stretching exercises. Great way to learn coordination. Chloe did it and loved it.

5. Both kids are going to be taking a "Kindermusik-type" program. They both love to sing and dance so it should be great fun.

6. Swimming lessons set.

7. Vacation to the lake being set

8. Zoo trips coming up

9. Cruise for me and David coming up in June while the kidlets head to my parents house for a week.

And now I am being harassed by Chloe to go get her shoes even though we aren't leaving for the park for another 3 hours so I am going to end this picture-less post and go get her shoes. Pics with next post...PROMISE.