Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Oh boy do I have a lot of catching up to do. I cannot believe I haven't blogged anything in 3 weeks, or maybe I can because our family has been BUSY!!!

First of all, the weather has been absolutely wonderful (for the most part). We have spent any afternoon above 55 degrees outside enjoying the fresh air. The kids are enjoying our walks/stroller-rides through the neighborhood, riding on their bikes, scooters, wagons, etc..., and playing with sidewalk chalk. We've also visited several local parks and have had a blast watching Brody climb and maneuver around the playground equipment this year. I remember that this time last year he was sitting on the blanket with me and playing with his infant toys while Chloe rode her bike and scooter. Now he is right up there with her. We also enjoy playing with the ball outside and playing chase. This is going to be a fun summer to be outside with the kids.

We also have been busy with playdates with our friends. Chloe has become good friends with another little girl named Zoe. She is also 3 years old and has a brother just a bit younger than Brody....and two older sisters. Anyways, we have been spending time them, our friend Kelly and her son Cross, Lorrie and her son Braydon, Erin and her sons Kirk and Braxton, and Sonya and her kids Natasha and Cedric. We are so blessed to have great friends here with kids the same age as our kids.

Last week we went to Opry Mills for some shopping and met up with Sonya, Nat, and Ced at the Aquarium Restaurant for an amazing lunch experience. The kids especially loved seeing all of the fish, sharks, etc... while we were eating. I thought I would never get Brody to come back to his seat when it was time to eat. After that we went over to the Opryland Hotel and rode the boat through it. That was great fun too. And the best part (for me at least)...the kids rode for free because they are all under 4!!! Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera battery so I have no pictures of our fun day. However, we will be doing this again so I promise pics next time.

For now, I must go get ready for my day. I am dropping the kids off at school so that means packing lunches and school bags. I will be back later today though to update the blog again with details of our wonderful trip to Florida to visit my brother and his wife this past weekend. And...I do have pictures to include with that post.

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