Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Things Are Happening Here

Ok, so there are several new things that are going on in the Blevins Household. Let me just go in order of each family member...

1. David - had a marvelous 2009 year in his business. Despite the economy, he had a double digit sales increase meaning we won a cruise. We just found out the details and I'm so much more excited about it now. We will be going to the Eastern Carribean...St Thomas, St. Maarten, and Nassau Bahamas. It's a 7 day excursion and each port will be a FULL DAY. Chick-fil-A is giving us $400 to use at these ports however we want (YAY!!!). The ship is the Oasis of the Seas which is the largest cruise ship ever. Even bigger than the Titanic which does secretly make me a tad bit nervous. Anyways, we are thrilled about this time that we will have together. My parents will be watching the kids so that will be some good bonding time for them as well. Other than that, 2010 has started off great for his business as well and we are praying that God continues to bless the business, his employees, and the customers who are so very loyal to come eat with us.
Link to pictures of the cruise ship we will be on...AMAZING TO SEE.

2. Kelly - has started couponing. It has become an obsession and game to save the most money for our family as possible. I got started at, but I have now also started going to I love both sites, but the second one has great recipes on it, and good tips for couponing and grocery budgeting. Last week I saved 54% and this week I saved 30%. My goal is to stockpile 6 months worth of detergents, soaps, toiletries, diapers, wipes, canned foods, and any other non-perishable items that my family uses. Of course the key is to get these things when they are the cheapest and when you also have a coupon. Eventually, I want to also stockpile meat but we need a seperate freezer for that.  Health-wise, I'm doing good. Some days I feel absolutely fantastic with tons of energy, and other days I am completely worn out. I'm listening to my body though and resting when I need to rest which does help. It also helps that my dear hubs has let me sleep in a few mornings lately...even until 10 one day!!! Haven't done that in at least 4 years. It was glorious!! Let's see, I have also cut out all white flour, white sugars, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetners, and potatoes from my diet. These things are full of toxicities and they have been shown to feed cancer cells.

3. Chloe - IS POTTY TRAINED!!! It literally took 2 days. And no, I didn't stay home all day for those days either. I simply waited until she was 100% ready...and when I accidentally ran out of diapers :) Seriously though, I tried back in October to train her, but I was more training myself by making her go every hour or two and watching the clock like crazy etc... She was doing okay but she was not that into it. However, the day I ran out of diapers (3-4 weeks ago) she went right into panties and hasn't looked back since. It was the easiest experience of my life and I really attribute it to the fact that she was finally ready. Chloe has also started taking dance lessons. She takes tap and ballet for an hour each week. The ballet is a bit slow for her but she likes it okay. The tap is where she REALLY lights up. She absolutely LOVES tapping. She has made a friend in class named Abigail and let me just say that Abigail is the only little girl I have ever met that is more stubborn and dramatic than Chloe. Whew!!!

4. Brody - is getting so big! Poor baby though is being treated for his first bout with strep throat. He was pitiful this past weekend with a temp of 104.5 and just pure misery. He's on the mend though and is back to being somewhat less whiny and more playful. He absolutely LOVES playing with his sister whom he has nicknamed "Coco." He will play babies, dress-up, house, blocks, cars and anything with her. He just wants to be with her always. He's started singing a lot now and his favorites are Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider. I never knew an 18 month old could have such a vocabulary. Tonight at dinner he said "more ketchup" although it sounded like this "mo kec up." He will have mini-conversations with me. For instance...
Brody: Where daddy?
Me: Daddy's at work
Brody: Daddy work???
Me: Yep
Brody: Wanna go there.
So, if I haven't said it lately, I could totally eat him up. He is a pure joy!!! And pics of my sweet Brody will be coming soon. I haven't taken any in a while (shame on me!)

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6L's said...

oh my, where to start?!!

that cruise looks amazing and you SO deserve it! so fun to look fwd to something so grand!!

good for you for starting the 6 month storage...i need to get back on mine. there's a list on my sidebar if you're interested. :)

about the eating...if you're interested, a group of ladies from my church and our friends do a raw foods class every 2nd wed at 11:30. we have a theme like chocolate, smoothies, sprouting, etc.. and then alternating months is a potluck. we try the foods and then have a lesson on a topic such as greens, sprouting, oils, avacado, etc...i have learned so much and really enjoy it. anyway, didn't mean to write a book but you are very welcome to join us if you like! my aunt that does the group is very knowledgable about healing and preventative foods.