Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Florida or Bust...

This past Thursday our family ventured down to Florida to visit my younger brother, Jordan, and his wife, Kim. They live in Niceville (until they PCS to their next duty station) which is just a few minutes from Destin. We packed up and headed out Thursday morning and arrived there around 8 hours later. The kids were literally PERFECT throughtout the ENTIRE drive down. No whining, fussing, fighting, screaming, crying, etc...They were just so well behaved! And for those of you wondering, NO, I did NOT have to adminster Benadryl to make them like this :)
Anyways, when we got there, we spent that evening in enjoying a home-cooked meal and hit the sack pretty early that night. On Friday, we set out for the beach for Easter pictures while my brother was at school (he's in the ARMY and is currently in EOD school which is basically learning how to disable bombs/IED's/etc...) So, we spent a few hours at the beach doing pictures and letting the kids play in the ocean and sand. They both loved the sand so much! Well, Chloe didn't much like it when Brody came and laid down right on top of her sandcastle, but that's what little brothers do so... After the beach, we grabbed lunch and went home to rest for a bit and then when Jordan got home, we headed out to a seafood restaurant with live music. It was YUMM-O! After that, we were all tired and came back home and crashed...sort of.

Brody loving on Aunt Kimmie while bird watching

Chloe ended up getting sick while we were there and had to be taken to what I thought was an urgent care center but turned out to be an off-site ER for the hospital. Imagine my surprise when they asked for a $200 copay instead of the normal $25. WHEW!! Anyways, she was given an inhaler and antibiotic for bronchitis and we were sent on our happy way.

In the hospital

The next stop was the Gulfarium where we saw penguins, otters, and sharks. We also were able to watch a dolphin show and sea lion show. Brody LOVED this so much. He kept clapping and saying "WOW" everytime the dolphins would jump. He was absolutely adorable. After that, we headed home and the guys went out to a shooting range while the girls and kids napped. That was pleasant! We ended up staying in that evening and playing Trivial Pursuit on the Wii. Unfortunately, the Blevins lost, but we WILL be having a do-over when we visit them next.

Chloe getting all dolled up by Aunt Kim

Brody finally made it into Uncle Jordan's boots

Uncle Jordan holding Brody up to see the otters

the touchpool with stingray, horseshoe crabs etc...

On Sunday, we went to church with them and I must say that we heard an amazing sermon about Jesus and the cost of taking up the cross. After that, we came home, ate lunch, and said our goodbyes. I am quite certain that the worst part of the entire trip was the very last part. I hate saying goodbye to them!!!

Let's go to church already!

Thank you Jordan and Kim for having us and all of your hospitality. We miss you guys already! Oh and Kim, thanks for taking their Easter pictures for me. They turned out just how I wanted...nothing staged or cheesy - just them being themselves.

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6L's said...

i love that it's called niceville! glad you got to vist and the kids are adorable as usual. :)