Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Days

Snow days have brought a new meaning to the Blevins household. On one hand, I totally LOVE the snow! I love being out in it, playing in it, watching it fall and cover the ground, and thinking about those heavenly storehouses laden with snow (Chris Tomlin's "Indescribable").  On the other hand, snow days can also send my mind into a whirl when it means that Mommy's Morning Out will be cancelled. I want to scream "NO!!!!" Those are the only 2 days of the week that I have to get ANYTHING done. I can make it through the grocery store without having to buy yet another box of goldfish to get us through without a meltdown. It's the only time that I can do the laundry without the kids unfolding all the progress that I have made. It's the only time that I have for ME. Yes, I know that's selfish, but I need ME TIME! Honestly, don't all moms?!?

Anyways, we've had our share of beautiful snow and school being out over the past week or so. It's been lots of fun, but now I am glad the snow is gone and schools are back in. We had a blast with the kids in the snow and have lots of pics to show our fun. Chloe's goal since Christmas was finally met...she built a Frosty...TN Volunteer style! And Brody, well, poor little man turns blue in 50 degree weather so I figured that he wouldn't last in 20 degrees. Despite the 3 shirts, 2 coats, 2 pants, 2 socks, shoes, hat, gloves, and a hood, he still was blue in about 10 minutes and his teeth were chattering. He was miserable! Plus, when we put him in the snow, it was so deep that his feet didn't even touch the ground. He didn't weigh enough to push all of the snow down!!!

Enough of the stories, let the pictures tell the rest.
The drifts in our yard measured 10 inches

Checking out the snow with pure JOY on their faces



Chloe and her best friend Miguel being pushed by the dads

Miguel, Chloe and Brody playing after they warmed up

Frosty - TN style!

Little Diva

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5L's said...

great frosty! i'm wondering if we'll get these several inches they are calling for?